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The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#20-11)

Now this is where the list gets serious. There might be a Donnie Yen or Ekin flick squeezed in the next twenty movies, but come on… I run this shit!

The top of the countdown can be found here, then our countdown went through the 30s spots, here and last week I released a post consisting of a lot of Ekin/Donnie Flicks, which can be found here.

The conclusion will be posted on 31st December, in time to welcome the new year.

20. AV (2005)

The storyline to this movie could easily be mistaken for the plot to American Pie 8 (seriously, hit up IMDB, I swear there are at least 6 now!), but director Pang Ho-Cheung delivers a dark, thought provoking and amusing comedy about a group of rowdy college students who creates a fake production company in order to make a Adult Video starring them and a Japanese porn star. The leading cast is largely unknown which really takes away any commercial feel it could have had to it but it would just be silly to have Nic Tse and Edison Chen (even though he’s lived this life already) running around chasing fanny.

19. 2 Young (2005)

Although the strong performances in this movie come from the on-screen parents played by Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Teresa Mo and Candice Yu,. Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit took me by surprise with this heartwarming drama surrounding teenage pregnancy. Director Derek Yee supports the movie with his brother; David Chiang, Hui Siu-Hung and of course my favorite Chin Kar-Lok!

18. Election 2 (2006)

Another amazing movie, when I first saw the movie I thought to myself; “This is way better than the first movie”. My mind has changed since then but that doesn’t mean Election II is bad in the slightest. Louis Koo does a great job and as you can expect Simon Yam, Nick Cheung, Mark Cheng and Lam Suet all provide great performances also.

17. Ip Man (2008)

From the past decade, Ip Man is arguably one of the best period martial arts we’ve had. Donnie Yen plays the role of true martial arts master Grandmaster Yip Man, the same man who is responsible for teaching Bruce Lee martial arts. The movie shows the story of Ip Man going from riches to rags when the Japanese military occupy China. With furious martial arts sequences and one of Donnie’s best roles to date, Ip Man is clearly an excellent choice for the list. The supporting cast include; Simon Yam, Gordon Lam and Fan Siu-Wong! Also you’ll need to bring more than ten Japanese if you want to beat Donnie Yen. Wait… yeah a gun works too.

16. The Heavenly Kings (2006)

Daniel Wu delivers the most amusing mockumentary from the past decade (well out of the few that there is). Wu started off the project by forming a Cantopop Boy Band with fellow actors Andrew Lin, Conroy Chan and Terence Yin. Unfortunately they can’t sing, they can’t dance and they don’t really like each other. The doc is really funny and amazing that some of this really happened, the band Alive was formed and a single was released to the public but everything was secretly staged for Wu’s documentary.

15. My Name is Fame (2006)

This movie grabbed my attention as had this fictional character working in current Hong Kong cinema. This past star brushed shoulders with directors like Ann Hui and was probably drinking buddies with guys like Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Ekin Cheng. All stars mentioned do make cameo appearances playing themselves. Our leading character is played by Lau Ching-Wan, a popular actor who has starred in some right turkeys (The Shopaholics, Himalaya Singh etc.) and has never quiet achieved the Best Actor status in his career but everything turned around with this movie, it earned him the Best Actor Award in Hong Kong. It has a great story and the movie finished leaving me with a great feeling of satisfaction.

14. Men Suddenly in Black (2003)

With the plot of four men secretly planning on cheating on their partners when they’re out of town, how could this not be in our list? Eric Tsang leads the group of wrong do’ers who plan on doing the dirty! This movie first introduced me to director Pang Ho-Cheung and it’s easily the best introduction to this mans work with its leading cast and it’s star spotting cameo appearances which include; Chin Kar-Lok, Alan Tam and Sammo Hung!

13. Infernal Affairs II (2003)

Okay, the first Infernal Affairs launched the careers of Andy Lau and Tony Leung for me. This sequel brought me attention to the up and coming stars as well as the wise veterans. Shawn Yue delivered a great performance and Edison Chen didn’t come off as an annoying twit. Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang were two of the coolest sons of bitches ever recorded on film. Oh lets not forget the seductively elegant Carina Lau! Great story, it brings more depth to the characters, it builds up the back-story and supplies you with enough ammunition to get the original movie a refresh look when re-watched.

12. One Nite in Mongkok (2004)

Derek Yee again claims his space in the top 50 with his gritty crime thriller One Nite in Mongkok. Daniel Wu plays a hitman from the mainland that saves street hooker Cecilia Cheung, creating a almost heartwarming relationship. When Wu’s original objective comes back into perspective, man does it get bloody! The movie also focuses on a group of police officers (Alex Fong, Chin Kar-Lok etc.) on a case that is linked to Daniel Wu’s character. Again oh, man this movie gets bloody! “I’ll get the door for you!”

11. CJ7 (2008)

As you can expect most movies directed by Stephen Chow in the 00’s have turned out to be pure gold. CJ7 is no exception. Stephen brings us this heart warming comedy about a boy who lives with his dad in partly demolished flat. He doesn’t have decent clothes, his shoes are in tatters… everyone knew a kid like that in school who was bullied by the spoiled brats etc. In this case the boy receives a gift from his father that actually turns out to be a alien from space which takes the form of a small dog like creature. This wee beastie is probably the most adorable thing you’ll ever see, its expressions are priceless, but when you find out the twist, get ready to turn from man to mouse in a flash! I wept like a wee girl! Such a great film! Very, very amazing film!

10 comments on “The Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Decade (#20-11)

  1. Kamen Liew says:

    Finally. Was wondering where Ip Man was.

    I had qualms about Ip Man but generally I thought it was Yen’s best to date and most consistent of his films; great action well-balanced with a great character-driven story. The Chinese versus Japanese theme gets really old but with many well-choreographed martial art setpieces sprinkled throughout, it was definitely entertaining. 2 words – DOJO FIGHT!

    Men Suddenly in Black was a delight! Infidelity mold into the form of a triad, spy/ undercover film was both refreshing and hilarious. Tony Leung’s arc in the film offers an outright hilarious twist to the whole brotherhood element of these types of films…. awesome.

    Heard lotsa good things about The Heavenly Kings and apparently directed by Daniel Wu himself. interested to check this one out.

    Thanks for the list!

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  7. These are some of the best Chinese movies. Have watched couple of them with English sub-titles and they have been made superb.

  8. Absolutely this is the bet list of movies for Hong Kong. Have watched couple of them with sub titles and are really good one to watch.

  9. alien says:

    all great movies ,but im looking for a movie that i didnt found here or anywhere else…the movie is all about a man running after another man(the whole movie) and theres a big brawl at the end…

    help pls im going crazy!

  10. alien says:

    I forget to mention hes is chasing him by foot.

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