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Kenny B and Tom K-W enter the commentary booth to examine Wu Ma's supernatural comedy shenanigans in The Dead And The Deadly Buy Careprost Over The Counter, , starring Sammo Hung, Cherie Chung and directed by Wu Ma. An important entry in the wake of Sammo's Enconuter Of The Spooky Kind, 50mg Careprost. Careprost usa, Listen along with your dvd to find out or watch via the handy Daily Motion links below:

Part 1
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Show Links:
Sleazy K's Video
Tom Kent-Williams' reviews on VCinema
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Where Can I Buy Ampicillin, A Category III movie with brain and a Category III movie with heart, set to the tones of  I, I, I, was born in Beijing, The Girls From China and China Dolls gets the Tightie Whitie Theater treatment by Sleazy K and The Great Lord Joshua Regal. Featuring a rare lead performance by Amy Yip and Charlie Cho playing with butter and a popcicle, 40mg Ampicillin. Ampicillin japan, Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, on our Facebook page and Facebook group (NEW) or Twitter (@podcastonfire, 1000mg Ampicillin, 30mg Ampicillin, @sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed. Music courtesy of Brian Kirby ( whose awesome clothing line you can find at, Ampicillin mexico. 200mg Ampicillin, Show Links:
Sleazy K's Video
Varied Celluloid
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My Cousin, The Ghost (1987)


Plot: Wu (Richard Ng) a caterer who owns a cafe in England. He tricks people into buying his store's Spring Chicken when it's actually pigeons he catches from the park. His cousin, Mako (Wu Ma) is the cook in Wu's Cafe, until one day when Wu accidentally blabs in front of some customers that Mako is an illegal immigrant. As a result Mako is forced to return to Hong Kong when immigration officers show up on the scene. Since that day Mako holds a grudge against his cousin Wu. Years later in Hong Kong, Mako works as a Cook in a restaurant where his four cousins wait on tables. With Wu coming to Hong Kong, they decide give him their spare room. Their spare room was originally rented out to a lodger - Miss Wang, however; Miss Wang hasn't shown up for a couple of months now. Although on the night they discuss about her mysterious disappearance, she appears out of the blue! Truth be told that Miss Wang is actually dead! On the day of her wedding she ends up in a car accident killing her and her bridesmaid. Their Ghosts live on looking for suitable males to help them reincarnate their spirits. Miss Wang has set her sights on wooing Mr. Wu. But as you soon find out that Miss Wang and her bridesmaid aren't the only ghosts in that household. Review: Wu Ma pulls of a fairly pleasant Supernatural Comedy! The cast is strong; Richard Ng, Wu Ma, Kenny Bee and Mang Hoi etc. The story of Wu's death doesn't arise until 50 minutes into the film, but it leads to some comical scenes with the cousins (Bee, Hoi, Tai Bo etc.) and Wu. Examples; The game of Darts, burning Wu with an iron to see if it hurts him! Probably the best part about Wu being dead is that he doesn't know that he is! The movie also has a pleasant spoof of Ricky Lau's "Mr. Vampire". Both Wu and Miss Wang are sitting watching Mr. Vampire - the introduction scene of Pauline Wong. Pauline Wong is replaced by 'Miss Wang' and Chin Siu-Ho cycling is changed into Wu Cycling. Things go crazy when Wu accidentally cycles right out of the TV and into a Window! Another great scene with these two is the window cleaning scene. Its like one of those skits where someone is pretending to be another persons reflection and copy's every move they are making. With this film its just Miss Wang on one side and Wu on the other. But it turns out to be more of a ballroom dancing scene, rather than a household chore! My Cousin, The Ghost is a fun supernatural comedy and shouldn't be ignored!

Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (1988)


Limbo dancing? A Golden Coffin? Wu Ma and Anthony Chan fighting like children? Chin Kar-Lok stuffing fish down his pants!? It must be Mr. Vampire Saga 4! Sadly missing Lam Ching-Ying as the memorable Mr. Kau, but he’s replaced by the witty Mr. Yi Yu (Wu Ma) and his little assistant Ching Ching (Rachael Lee). Upon his arrival back to his old home Yi Yu notices a young man stuffing fish down his pants!? Don’t worry this isn't some sick fetish, it seems to be Chia-le (Chin Kar-Lok). Poor Chia-le takes a beaten in the film as he accidentally grabs Ching Ching’s ‘your small, but shapely’ chest. Although he Chia-le throughout shows off some impressive acrobatics along with some good kicks. But, Chia-le isn’t the neighbor that Yi Yu should be worried about. The four eyed toaist priest (Anthony Chan, from the first Mr. Vampire film) who makes a rather amusing introduction sitting on top a conga line of hopping corpses, who are also mean break dancer! When Yi Yu meets the Taoist Priest this becomes a chalk and cheese connection, you know it aunt going to mix. A very funny moment is the use of Voodoo, The Four Eyed Priest plays about with Yi Yu for a little while, although Yi Yu gets the best of him by strapping a little Voodoo Doll (who resembles The Four Eyed Priest, to a T) to a big rocket and lunches it into the wall, funnily even you get to see The Four Eyed Priest fly too. Trust me this film will have you in giggles. After some tom-foolery The Taoist Presets brother (Chung Fat) appears with a rather stunning golden coffin! Holding the body of a royal family member. Along with the two prince’s, ones a child and the others…..rather feminine prince (played by Yuen Wah!?). Taoist Crane (Chung fat) tells his brother that he has the job of burying this coffin which has the body of a royal family member, who has detearated into a mean vampire! Soon after leaving the Taoist Crane set up camp and soon realizes the true power of the vampire. Even the princes guards are helpless and become victims of the Vampire King. The newly created ghouls soon set there eyes on the young prince. Chia-le and Ching-Ching show off some excellent team work against the ghouls. Mr. Vampire Saga 4 is an excellent finale to the series, even though this film miss out on its favorite one eye browed priest, it makes up with the childish antics between Wu Ma and Anthony Chan. The action and stunts are just remarkable, exactly what you would expect from a Mr. Vampire movie.

Miracles (1989)


Plot: Chen Wah Kuo (Jackie Chan) is a country boy who moves from Canton into Hong Kong for the first time, only to have everything stolen from him as soon as he arrives. After receiving a rose from a old women, he finds himself unwillingly put in charge of the Black dragon mobster gang. Despite his position he attempts to use his charm and good will to turn the mobsters into genuine nice people...This leads to troubles from the police force, led by Inspector Ho (Richard Ng) and another rival gang led by Tiger (Ko Chun-Hiang). His first task as their leader, he decides to turn their den into a Ritz Nightclub, along with beautiful ladies and singers. When auditioning for singers they met the elegant, Miss Lumming (Anita Mui). Lumming turns out to be a great singer and dancer. Fate soon leads to a relationship between Wah-Kuo and Lumming. Chen is assisted by one of the elders of the gang, Uncle Hai (Wu Ma) who doesn't do much apart from telling Chen what to do. Now with Chen becoming the boss of the Black Dragon, some of his members where a bit angry with this new boss. Fei (Lieh Lo) is in charge of Wool factory and he doesn't like Chen one bit. So Fei decides to stur things up between Tiger and the Black Dragon Gangs. Now if you think that's the only plot, your wrong. The rose seller from earlier one continues to bring Chen good luck since he continues to buy red roses from her. One day the rose seller receives a letter from her daughter, who's writing to tell her that she is marrying a the son of a wealthy family from Shanghai and they are coming over to visit Madam Kuo (the rose seller). Yet Madam Kuo is really a poor women and she only makes a living be selling roses, but she has told her daughter through all her letters that she is a successful wealthy women. Out there hearts, Chen and Lumming do everything they can to transform this rose seller into a one of the most appreciated people in Hong Kong. If everything goes we, hopefully the wedding will go forth... Review: Jackie Chan's directorial masterpiece, along with a great cast and brilliant action. Jackie was just wonderful, his acting was wonderful. He didn't show any flaws throughout the film. Anita Mui's performance was just as powerful and is a beautiful addition to her filmography. Richard Ng was the most humorist character, he was very accident prone! The action was excellent, there was a meeting with Tiger and Chen, which ended up with both gangs brawling and one of the sorest looking stuns I've ever seen, one man falling from the second floor onto the edge of counter on the ground floor, plus the stuntman landed on his lower back, ouch. The final fight was quite original, Chen having to battle against a group of workers from the wool factory, one of them including the kickboxing champion, Billy Chow. Most of the stunts and action was very cool and would be enjoyed by all. Final Thought, if you love Jackie Chan, you'll love 'Miracles' and there's no reason that you shouldn't!!!

The Millionaires Express (1986)


One of the most well casted films I've seen to date! Sammo Hung plays a petty thief who returned to his home town, Hanshui. Sammo returns with a group of prostitutes including Olivia Cheng, Rosamund Kwan, Emily Chu & Wong Yuk Waan. Sammo comes up with the idea to de-rail a train filled with Multi-Millionaires travelling to Shanghai. His reasons be that his home town seems run down, nothing new, nothing to attract people. So stopping this train will flood the town with many rich people and hoping it picks up the towns business... Yet on the train their is a group of Japanese led by Hwang Jang Lee, Yasuaki Kurata & Yukari Oshima. They are carrying a very valuable map which leads to the location of a very valuable Jade Buddha. Now a group of Bandits led by James Tien along with Corey Yuen Kwai, Dick Wei, Chung Fat, Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton and a whole bunch of lackys. Another Storyline is the Police Force, led by Eric Tsang, Lam Ching-Ying, Yuen Wah, Wu Ma, Mang Hoi & Chow Gam Kong. The town off Hanshui is so quiet, there isn't any crimes. Yet the police force were so bored they decided to set fire to the one of the buildings, this is used as a distraction the police force rob the towns bank. Most of the group escape, yet both Wu Ma & Mang Hoi are caught by the Firemen, led by Yuen Biao, Hsiao Ho, Chin Kar-Lok, Peter Chan & Siu Tak Foo. The Police Force plan that their only method of escape is hitching a ride on the Shanghai Express. Now the town without a police force is useless. So the mayor decides to make the Fire Brigade the new Police Force. Biao decides that the first plan of action is to foil Sammos plan on derailing the train and then arrest the fleeing bank robbers. Richard Ng and Lynda Shum join the list A cast as a rich couple boarding the train although Richard Ng has a secret mistress which leads him into some sticky situations. Now the action, you know its Sammo Hung Action, its got to be good don't you think? Well it is. We get to see a great fight between Sammo vs. Yuen Biao, Sammo vs. Cynthia Rothrock and Yuen Biao versing Dick Wei in a very fast paced fight to the end. Yuen Biao also does a excellent stunt, doing a cartwheel off a two story building and landing on the ground and then delivering a line of dialogue. Hsiao Ho also takes quite a jump, Sammo tricks Ho into following him to the roof of a hotel. Sammo confronts Ho and Ho decides to exit by jumping off the building. from the roof to a balcony and from the balcony to the dirt!! The Millionaires Express is a great action comedy which I highly recommend to all.

House of Fury (2005)


Plot: Former secret agent Yue Siu-Bo (Anthony Wong) is now retired and now lives his life as a chiropractor. One day he is confronted by a wheelchair bound man called Rocco (Michael Wong), Rocco suffers from a severed spine which paralyzed his body and this was done deliberately when he was on a mission for the CIA. His mission was to assassinate terrorists who bombed a hotel in the Philippines. What he didn’t know is that an Chinese agent by the name of ‘Tai Chi-Lung’ was sent to stop him. Crippled by Tai Chi-Lung, Rocco seeks revenge on his crippler and he belives that Siu-Bo know’s where he’s hiding. Siu-Bo plays the fool and tells Rocco he’s got the wrong guy. Rocco leaves but he warns him that ‘he’ll be back’. Instead of Rocco returning four of his kung fu fighting henchmen appear in his absence and deliver a firm ass kicking the secret agent. Now kidnapped his two children, Nicky (Stephen Fung) & Natalie (Gillian Chung) must find a way to save their father. Review: Now some background to the characters, Nicky works at an Ocean Park and Nat is student. Both of them were trained in martial arts from Siu-Bo, known it might come in handy one day. Now these kid’s aren’t really on the best of grounds with their dad, they believe all his stories of being a secret agent who fights ninja’s is all a lot of rubbish. But he insists on telling these stories to their friends which is very embarrassing for any teenager. But when ‘Uncle Chiu’ (Wu Ma) informs them about their fathers kidnapping they are stunned to believe that all his stories we’re lies. Rocco presents them an ultimatum. ‘Find Tai Chi-Lung in the next 24 hours and your dad lives’, simple? No! Stephen Fung’s second directed movie. First being the triad miss-match comedy Enter The Phoenix. House of Fury delivers! Now the movie does has it’s flaws, but it is all swept under the carpet thanks to the charming Stephen Fung (He’s really beginning to have a ‘Jackie Chan’ like aura to him now), the eye candy (The Twins) and a very funny chase seen by Daniel Wu and movie veteran Wu Ma. Guest appearance, We’ll Wu Ma returning to the big screen is always a pleasure – Wu Ma is a legend and he flies!! Daniel Wu and Charlene Choi make appearances of the love interests in the movie. Although Wu has a hidden agenda and Choi enjoys screwing with Nicky’s mind. Lau Kar-Ying makes a one second cameo as a taxi driver who gets his cab window smashed by a brick. Stuntman/fighter Jon Foo also makes as appearance as a baddy that Nicky has to fight, strangely enough he looks identical to how he looked in Tom Yum Goong, come on boy get a change of clothes! Final Thoughts a great piece of ‘fluff, Stephen Fung we await the third round!
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