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My Cousin, The Ghost (1987)


Plot: Wu (Richard Ng) a caterer who owns a cafe in England. He tricks people into buying his store’s Spring Chicken when it’s actually pigeons he catches from the park.

His cousin, Mako (Wu Ma) is the cook in Wu’s Cafe, until one day when Wu accidentally blabs in front of some customers that Mako is an illegal immigrant. As a result Mako is forced to return to Hong Kong when immigration officers show up on the scene. Since that day Mako holds a grudge against his cousin Wu.

Years later in Hong Kong, Mako works as a Cook in a restaurant where his four cousins wait on tables. With Wu coming to Hong Kong, they decide give him their spare room. Their spare room was originally rented out to a lodger – Miss Wang, however; Miss Wang hasn’t shown up for a couple of months now. Although on the night they discuss about her mysterious disappearance, she appears out of the blue!

Truth be told that Miss Wang is actually dead! On the day of her wedding she ends up in a car accident killing her and her bridesmaid. Their Ghosts live on looking for suitable males to help them reincarnate their spirits.

Miss Wang has set her sights on wooing Mr. Wu. But as you soon find out that Miss Wang and her bridesmaid aren’t the only ghosts in that household.

Review: Wu Ma pulls of a fairly pleasant Supernatural Comedy! The cast is strong; Richard Ng, Wu Ma, Kenny Bee and Mang Hoi etc.

The story of Wu’s death doesn’t arise until 50 minutes into the film, but it leads to some comical scenes with the cousins (Bee, Hoi, Tai Bo etc.) and Wu. Examples; The game of Darts, burning Wu with an iron to see if it hurts him!

Probably the best part about Wu being dead is that he doesn’t know that he is!

The movie also has a pleasant spoof of Ricky Lau’s “Mr. Vampire”. Both Wu and Miss Wang are sitting watching Mr. Vampire – the introduction scene of Pauline Wong. Pauline Wong is replaced by ‘Miss Wang’ and Chin Siu-Ho cycling is changed into Wu Cycling. Things go crazy when Wu accidentally cycles right out of the TV and into a Window!

Another great scene with these two is the window cleaning scene. Its like one of those skits where someone is pretending to be another persons reflection and copy’s every move they are making. With this film its just Miss Wang on one side and Wu on the other. But it turns out to be more of a ballroom dancing scene, rather than a household chore!

My Cousin, The Ghost is a fun supernatural comedy and shouldn’t be ignored!

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