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Miracles (1989)


Plot: Chen Wah Kuo (Jackie Chan) is a country boy who moves from Canton into Hong Kong for the first time, only to have everything stolen from him as soon as he arrives. After receiving a rose from a old women, he finds himself unwillingly put in charge of the Black dragon mobster gang. Despite his position he attempts to use his charm and good will to turn the mobsters into genuine nice people…This leads to troubles from the police force, led by Inspector Ho (Richard Ng) and another rival gang led by Tiger (Ko Chun-Hiang).

His first task as their leader, he decides to turn their den into a Ritz Nightclub, along with beautiful ladies and singers. When auditioning for singers they met the elegant, Miss Lumming (Anita Mui). Lumming turns out to be a great singer and dancer. Fate soon leads to a relationship between Wah-Kuo and Lumming.

Chen is assisted by one of the elders of the gang, Uncle Hai (Wu Ma) who doesn’t do much apart from telling Chen what to do.

Now with Chen becoming the boss of the Black Dragon, some of his members where a bit angry with this new boss. Fei (Lieh Lo) is in charge of Wool factory and he doesn’t like Chen one bit. So Fei decides to stur things up between Tiger and the Black Dragon Gangs.

Now if you think that’s the only plot, your wrong. The rose seller from earlier one continues to bring Chen good luck since he continues to buy red roses from her. One day the rose seller receives a letter from her daughter, who’s writing to tell her that she is marrying a the son of a wealthy family from Shanghai and they are coming over to visit Madam Kuo (the rose seller). Yet Madam Kuo is really a poor women and she only makes a living be selling roses, but she has told her daughter through all her letters that she is a successful wealthy women.

Out there hearts, Chen and Lumming do everything they can to transform this rose seller into a one of the most appreciated people in Hong Kong. If everything goes we, hopefully the wedding will go forth…

Review: Jackie Chan’s directorial masterpiece, along with a great cast and brilliant action. Jackie was just wonderful, his acting was wonderful. He didn’t show any flaws throughout the film. Anita Mui’s performance was just as powerful and is a beautiful addition to her filmography. Richard Ng was the most humorist character, he was very accident prone!

The action was excellent, there was a meeting with Tiger and Chen, which ended up with both gangs brawling and one of the sorest looking stuns I’ve ever seen, one man falling from the second floor onto the edge of counter on the ground floor, plus the stuntman landed on his lower back, ouch.

The final fight was quite original, Chen having to battle against a group of workers from the wool factory, one of them including the kickboxing champion, Billy Chow. Most of the stunts and action was very cool and would be enjoyed by all.

Final Thought, if you love Jackie Chan, you’ll love ‘Miracles’ and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t!!!

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