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Tag: Drama

Podcast On Fire 337: Eighteen Springs

Leon Lai tries to make a cinematic dent surrounded by female top talent, behind and in front of the camera. With Kenny B and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire 331: On The Wrong Track

Youth gone wild at Shaw Brothers, with Andy Lau and from the director of Naked Killer. With Kenny B and Paul Fox. Read More

Podcast On Fire 330: Comrades, Almost A Love Story & Moonlight In Tokyo

Everybody wins something except Leon Lai but along with Maggie Cheung he appears in the 1996 romance classic Comrades, Almost A Love Story. Also, on the streets of Tokyo, a mentally challenged Leon Lai is looking for his brother and finds a childhood friend played by Chapman To. It’s not as sugary as you think. He also becomes a Korean gigolo, in 2005’s Moonlight In Tokyo from the writers of Infernal Affairs. With Kenny B and Phil G of Eastern Film Fans. Read More

What’s Korean Cinema? 60 – Il Mare

Before there was a sassy girl, the ever so luminous Jun Ji-hyun starred in Il Mare, about a mailbox that is a portal to two years earlier. Going back to Korean cinema in the year 2000, with Kenny B and Paul Quinn of Hangul Celluloid. Read More

Podcast On Fire 324: The Story Of Woo Viet

Chow Yun-fat appears in one of his first dramatic roles, for emerging director Ann Hui. With Kenny B and Kevin Ma of the East Screen West Screen podcast. Read More

Podcast On Fire 319: Fruit Punch

Enterprising, forward thinking youths open a business because money is the future, right? Or is that love and friendship? Starring singers and untested actors, including Leon Lai, this is the opening episode of our examination of the films of one of the Four Heavenly Kings and it comes to you in the form of Clara Law’s 1991 film Fruit Punch.

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Music courtesy of Brian Kirby (

Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Leon Lai biography.
23m 08s – Clara Law biography.
37m 00s – Fruit Punch review

Show Links: Read More

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 60: Members Only Archive Dusted #25 – Shinjuku Incident

A specially produced bonus episode for Podcast On Fire 82 (previously only available in our members only section of the forum) from 2010, Jackie Chan’s Japan-set gangster drama directed by Derek Yee is discussed by Stoo and Kenny B.

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