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Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (1988)


Limbo dancing? A Golden Coffin? Wu Ma and Anthony Chan fighting like children? Chin Kar-Lok stuffing fish down his pants!? It must be Mr. Vampire Saga 4! Sadly missing Lam Ching-Ying as the memorable Mr. Kau, but he’s replaced by the witty Mr. Yi Yu (Wu Ma) and his little assistant Ching Ching (Rachael Lee). Upon his arrival back to his old home Yi Yu notices a young man stuffing fish down his pants!?

Don’t worry this isn’t some sick fetish, it seems to be Chia-le (Chin Kar-Lok). Poor Chia-le takes a beaten in the film as he accidentally grabs Ching Ching’s ‘your small, but shapely’ chest. Although he Chia-le throughout shows off some impressive acrobatics along with some good kicks. But, Chia-le isn’t the neighbor that Yi Yu should be worried about. The four eyed toaist priest (Anthony Chan, from the first Mr. Vampire film) who makes a rather amusing introduction sitting on top a conga line of hopping corpses, who are also mean break dancer!

When Yi Yu meets the Taoist Priest this becomes a chalk and cheese connection, you know it aunt going to mix. A very funny moment is the use of Voodoo, The Four Eyed Priest plays about with Yi Yu for a little while, although Yi Yu gets the best of him by strapping a little Voodoo Doll (who resembles The Four Eyed Priest, to a T) to a big rocket and lunches it into the wall, funnily even you get to see The Four Eyed Priest fly too. Trust me this film will have you in giggles.

After some tom-foolery The Taoist Presets brother (Chung Fat) appears with a rather stunning golden coffin! Holding the body of a royal family member. Along with the two prince’s, ones a child and the others…..rather feminine prince (played by Yuen Wah!?). Taoist Crane (Chung fat) tells his brother that he has the job of burying this coffin which has the body of a royal family member, who has detearated into a mean vampire!

Soon after leaving the Taoist Crane set up camp and soon realizes the true power of the vampire. Even the princes guards are helpless and become victims of the Vampire King. The newly created ghouls soon set there eyes on the young prince. Chia-le and Ching-Ching show off some excellent team work against the ghouls.
Mr. Vampire Saga 4 is an excellent finale to the series, even though this film miss out on its favorite one eye browed priest, it makes up with the childish antics between Wu Ma and Anthony Chan. The action and stunts are just remarkable, exactly what you would expect from a Mr. Vampire movie.

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