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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 8: Raped By An Angel 5 (2003)

The second Raped By An Angel 5 to hit Hong Kong screens, this one hit video screens only and had no English subtitle translation. So Sleazy K and The Great Lord Joshua Regal do their best trying to figure out the movie in the quest of being thorough with the Raped By An Angel-series.

Click to play in web-browser (to download right click and save)

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)


Plot: It’s Christmas eve in Japan and three tramps stumble upon an abandoned baby. The trio take it upon themselves to reunite the child with his family, but unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Read the rest of this entry »

My Wife is a Gangster 2 (2003)


Plot: During a vicious gang war on the roof-top of a high rise building, Eun-Jin, the fearless leader of the Scissor Gang falls from the great height. Surviving the drop, Her lifeless body is found by Jae-Chul, a single father/Chinese Restaurant owner from a remote town.

Now suffering from amnesia Eun-Jin can’t remember anything about her past. In the mean time she works part-time as a delivery driver for Jae-Chul and spends the rest of her time trying to jog her memory.

Complications arise when Eun-Jin’s the presumed dead arch-nemesis appears with plans on demolishing the town, replacing it with a Shopping Mall. Now it’s down to the sexist gangster in South Korean to show us what she’s made of once again! Read the rest of this entry »

My Dream Girl (2003)

Ning (Vicki Zhao) is a village girl from one of the poorest areas in Shanghai, yet one day her multi-millionaire car Tycoon Father, Cheung (Richard Ng) finds her for the first time. The only way Ning could believe that she was his daughter was by the identical photographs they have of Ning (aged six), Cheung (with hair) and her late mother.

With Cheung being a very wealth he’s planning to have a very important dinner party with guests including the British Ambassador and his son Frankie. Cheung is planning to set his daughter up with Frankie and hope for the best. Yet Ning’s image isn’t very suitable…so he puts up a notice for an Image Consultant, to transform her from the average village girl to Shanghai Beauty Queen.

Read the rest of this entry »

Running on Karma (2003)


Biggie (Andy Lau) an ex-martial arts monk from the Grotto Temple, left the temple after criminal, Sun Ko brutally death of his childhood friend, Jade. Big immigrates to Hong Kong where he tries to make a living as a beggar or an illegal worker. He even woo’s the ladies with his amazing Shaolin skills. But Bigs extraordinary talents is being able to looking into peoples past life’s and how their sins in the past will effect their future… Read the rest of this entry »

Men Suddenly in Black (2003)

MEN2Men Suddenly In Black is one of the most original films I’ve seen in ages. With a complex, but amusing story of four men attempting to fool around as much as they could before their wife’s return from a 14 hour Buddhism trip to Thailand. After failed attempts in the past, Tin (Eric Tsang) ensures his three companions that they will succeed this time.

They have went to great lengths to ensure victory. Equipped with various types of Viagra, 9 flavored condoms (everyman has his limits), new SIM cards, Cash (instead of using credit cards, where traces can be found) and non attention seeking vehicle, aka Taxi! Read the rest of this entry »

Memories of Murder (2003)

memories_of_murderPlot: 1986, set in South Korea two local detectives, Park (Song Kang-Ho) & Yong-Gu (Kim Roe-ha) are put on the case of a body found in the countryside. The body was of a young woman who had been strangled by her stockings and underwear. Both Park and Yong-Gu lack experience in this situation, their quiet clueless actually. To help them with their case the cool and content – Suh Tae-Yun (Kim Sang-Kyung) from the city capital has been sent to help them out.

As the begin to slowly progress with their case, more bodies begin to appear and some patterns are beginning to form, proofing their they are in fact dealing with a twisted serial killer. Read the rest of this entry »

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