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My Dream Girl (2003)

Ning (Vicki Zhao) is a village girl from one of the poorest areas in Shanghai, yet one day her multi-millionaire car Tycoon Father, Cheung (Richard Ng) finds her for the first time. The only way Ning could believe that she was his daughter was by the identical photographs they have of Ning (aged six), Cheung (with hair) and her late mother.

With Cheung being a very wealth he’s planning to have a very important dinner party with guests including the British Ambassador and his son Frankie. Cheung is planning to set his daughter up with Frankie and hope for the best. Yet Ning’s image isn’t very suitable…so he puts up a notice for an Image Consultant, to transform her from the average village girl to Shanghai Beauty Queen.

Joe Lam (Ekin Cheng) is hired by Cheungs loyal staff to give Ning the magical makeover. Joe leaves Hong Kong, leaving Winnie (Bernice Jan) a women he was smiting with, although she is also smiting with Tim Lee (Mark Lui)…

So Joe moves to Shanghai, but after being confronted by his task, he refuses and says 3 months isn’t enough time. Although Cheung’s assistant, Tong (Vincent Kok) offers Joe three times his normal salary, which was originally $10,000 Hong Kong Dollars. Joe couldn’t refuse and starts work straight away.

Ning feels swept off her feet when she is given these multiple makeovers and beautiful clothes, soon enough she falls in love with Joe. Yet she is let down when Joe tells her that she is an embarrassment. With the dinner party only weeks away, could Joe perform his miracle?

Now My Dream Girl in my opinion is a lovely romantic comedy which gives me the interpretation of a modern Cinderella tale, although for it match this movie Cinderella would need to fall in love with the fairy god mother!

The acting was good in the film, Richard Ng was delightful. Both Ekin and Vicky were both convincing too. One of the moments which stood out the most in the film was the scene where Ning was driving to the airport to stop Joe from leaving Shanghai. The car Nings car ends up breaking down and Cheung does everything he could to fix the car. When he’s fixing the car, Ning stares at him and realizes although she and her father have lived very different life’s, yet they are still family and nothing would change it. touching stuff in my opinion.

Final thoughts, for fans of My Wife is 18 and similar touching rom com’s, you should get this, don’t buy it having a biased opinion it might spoil your viewing pleasure.

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