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Running on Karma (2003)


Biggie (Andy Lau) an ex-martial arts monk from the Grotto Temple, left the temple after criminal, Sun Ko brutally death of his childhood friend, Jade. Big immigrates to Hong Kong where he tries to make a living as a beggar or an illegal worker. He even woo’s the ladies with his amazing Shaolin skills. But Bigs extraordinary talents is being able to looking into peoples past life’s and how their sins in the past will effect their future…

One night he meets a rookie cop called ‘Yee’ (Cecilia Cheung), whom seems to try her hardest to be her best at her job, but doesn’t seem to get far. Her colleagues in the CID for some reason are the meanest people around. Big decides to help her out by catching these criminals for her. Yet Big’s extraordinary talent turns into a curse when he discovered that Yee was a Japanese Solider in her past life and was responsible for the death of many. This has crippled her fate and leaves her with little time until her imminent death.

Big decides that he is going to do everything his power to change Yee’s Fate…

Running on Karma must be one of the most extraordinary films I’ve ever seen. The film was a fusion of confusion! The film is so very dark and gritty. I found it visually delightful. Andy Lau was great, he seems to be compatible with any genre of film. Cecilia Cheung was terrific she really put her heart into her role.

Now for a note to the director Johnny To and Wai Ka-Fai. I must say they handled this film with great care, not making too much of a comedy or a romance, but they also gradually added some mystery. Oh not to mention the added Cheesy Scenes, for example the deliberate over use of wires and the CGI Tissues!?

Trust me at some parts of watching this film you will be confused. This film is surely meant to confuse, but after watching the film twice, the pieces of the puzzle final falls in to place. So my final thoughts, Great, Dark, Mysterious and Original. I Loved It!

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