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Hitman (1998)


There’s always a price to pay when you hire an assassin, from 10 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently a mysterious killer, known as the ‘Angel Of Death’ has appeared in Hong Kong. Asking no payment for his services because all of his targets are evil men and they deserve to die. The Angel of Death is considered to be The King Of Killers. Although no one knows the true identity of the Angel. This masked assassin is a force not to be reckoned with. The opening scenes of the film. The Angel of Death claims the life of a smutty billionaire, Mr. Tsukamoto. In Mr. Tsukamoto Will he mentions if he is killed by an assassin $100 Million US will be rewarded to the person who kills the assassin…This is where our Story begins.

Ah Fu (Jet Li) is a poor hitman, poor in life and assassinating. Fu lives in a building in a cramp one roomed flat with a group hitmen. The group know as The Golden Triangle’. The ‘soldiers’ of the golden triangle spending there days waiting for a new mission and talking about the their past ones.

Fu’s skills of assassinating aren’t up to much either. He was once given the chance to kill a woman ‘Mrs Chu’, in the end Fu ended up repairing his drain pipes. Fu admits that he isn’t a good assassin, he seems to have too much heart, usually backing out at the last minute…He’s just so damn kind hearted.

Fu soon meets an old retired assassin Norman Lu, nicknamed Crocodile Lu (Eric Tsang). Norman met Fu at the Tsukamoto Business Center, who was attempting to get in. Norman helps Fu out and makes the security supervisor allow Fu in, telling the guards that Fu is the best hitmen throughout Mainland China and Norman is his manger. Norman enters Fu into the hunt for Mr. Tsukamoto’s killer. Although Norman wasn’t sure on Ah Fu’s skills. So Fu ends up battling against a group of people in Cafe and he beats them with ease. Things seem to go wrong for poor Norman as people are suspecting him to be the vigilant Angel Of Death.

Inspector Kwan (Simon Yam) has been following this ‘hunt’ since it began, trying to catch any of the hitmen at work. The police force themselves are also trying to find out, who is Mr. Tsukamoto’s murder. Kwan soon gets a hold of Fu and Norman as they were at the scene of gun battle in an amusement park, although Kwan doesn’t receive any helpful information from the duo. Norman and Ah Fu were then bailed out by Normans daughter…

Norman’s daughter, Kelly (Gigi Leung) is a budding lawyer who is fed up of her fathers criminal background. When meeting Fu she seems harsh at first. but after a romantic night ice skating she soon falls for him. although I think he’s too dumb to realize. One of the touching scenes between Kelly and Norman is when Norman shows up at a party and tells his daughter that enough is enough, he hates his past, letting down his daughter and tells her that he it turning a new leaf.

Eiji (Sato Keiji), the grand son of the billionaire seems to have a screw loose. He believed when eating his grand fathers ashes, the soul of his deceased grandfather will continue living inside him. Eiji participates in the hunt to find the Angel of Death with help from a very very tall guy. Every time Eiji goes after the Angel Of Death he bumps into Norman and Fu! Things hot up at the end of the film as Eiji goes against the Angel of Death by the way of the samurai!

Altogether Hitman is one of Jet Li’s finest films of the late 90’s. With his great success earlier in the 90’s with Fong Sai-Yuk and the Once Upon a Time in China series, this is a pleasant end to his Hong Kong career for now. Yet he is now perusing his film career on the silver screen of the US. Jet Li’s future isn’t as bright is it was in Hong Kong. But Hitman is as must see for all Jet fans even a must see for all Eric Tsang fans too!

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