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Tag: Crime/Thriller

Cheang Pou-Soi’s “Accident” Trailer has posted a trailer for Cheang Pou-Soi’s “Accident“, starring Louis Koo, Richie Ren and produced by Johnnie To. Cheang Pou-Soi has directed films such as “Dog Bite Dog” as well as “Shamo” starring Shawn Yue. Accident gets released in cinemas across Hong Kong on October 10th. Which should mean we will get the DVD in early 2010, well fingers crossed.

Running Out of Time 2 (2001)


Inspector Ho (Lau Ching-Wan) has led the normal cops life after the events from the first movie. One day he is called to a building roof top when there warning that a man is about to jump. When Ho arrives one of his colleagues, Ken (Lam Suet) is talking with the jumper. The Jumper (Ekin Cheng) has manipulated Ken into playing a game of ‘Heads or Tails’, but Ken is like a broken record by continually repeating the answer “Heads”. Strangely enough its always a “Tails”.

The mystery jumper soon grows bored with both Ken and Ho. the mystery man suddenly dives off of the building, lighting smoke flares as he jumped. When he lands on the giant crash mat at the bottom, he’s no where to be found. Ho soon tracks him down, as each rubbish bin he passed, he left smoke flares in each.

The mystery man states that he has stole 3 very valuable piece of art, which are worth over five million dollars. Ho is intrigued and sets of the rules between him and the thief. If Ho mange’s to get him to the police station, Ho wins and the thief is under arrest. If the thief gets away, they’ll continue chasing each other.

Unsurprisingly enough, the thief escapes. But he leaves clues behind for Ho catch up. The story soon unveils to show that the thief is after 10 million dollar ransom and he wants Ho to deliver it… Read More

Running Out of Time (1999)


When a criminal master, Peter Cheung (Andy Lau) finds out he has under one month to live. He decides to burgle a major Diamond Trading Company and plans to avenge the death of his father, who passed away a year before. Peter holds the manager hostage and insists on seeing a negotiator. Not just any negotiator, he wants to see Ho Sheung-Sang (Lau Ching-Wan).

Ho soon arrives and is informed about the situation. When negotiating with Peter, Peter tells Ho that he’s going to be playing a game with him for the next 72 Hours. The rules are simple Officer Ho has those 72 hours to arrest Peter, if Ho mange’s to get Peter to the Police station, Game Over, Ho Wins…

Although Peter begins to sending clues to Ho in hope that Ho will catch up with him. Read More

Righting Wrongs (1986)

High paced crime thriller that turns into a martial arts roller coaster from start to finish. Full star cast too; Yuen Biao, Cynthia Rothrock, Melvin Wong, Fan Siu-Wong, Corey Yuen Kwai, Tai Bo, Fung Lee, Wu Ma and Chung Fat!

Yuen Biao plays Jason Chan, a lawyer who witnessed his colleagues assassination, catches the bad guys and attempts to put behind bars, although another man who witnessed the murder was assassinated the night before the trial. Jason looses the case by lack of evidence and decides to retire from the firm.

Jason takes things into his own hands and decides to kill off the gang leaders who staged the murder (one of them played by James Tien). Jason successfully kills off ‘four eyed bill’ and beings planning for the next boss (Tien).

Although the head of the gang takes out his partner Chow Ting-Kwong (Tien) before he could back out of the deal, although after the head leaves, Jason comes to kill Chow but finds out he’s dead…when Jason leaves but bumps into The Lady Dragon (Cynthia Rothrock) a hard as nails cop who has being tailed Jason since his first kill. Although after a small spare Jason escapes the scene of the crime.

Although this murder was witnessed by Yu Chi-Wen (Fan Siu-Wong), who was hiding under a table in the department. He plans to have the leader of the gang put behind bars and have Jasons name cleared…but will he live for that long?

There is also Joe Do (Corey Yuen Kwai) a lazy cop who is teamed up with the Dragon Lady. His father Mr. Do (Wu Ma) is also a cop who refuses to retire because he has nothing else left in his life apart from his son and his job. Read More

Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994)

Return To A Better Tomorrow?
Another Wong Jing Movie?
Really Bad?

No! Yes Many people hate Wong Jings movies and this title taken from the popular A Better Tomorrow series by John Woo. But this movie doesn’t star Chow Yun-Fat or Leslie Chung. Wong Jing uses fresh faces such as…Ekin Cheng, Chingmy Yau, Ben Lam and even Michael Wong…

Ekin Cheng plays Tony Chun, a triad leader with a heart. After being framed for possession of some bad drugs, soon Tony is forced to leave Hong Kong. Leaving behind his girlfriend, Chili (Chingmy Yau). Now staying Mainland China for the mean time. Meanwhile we find out it was Brother Lui Wei (Tony’s Triad Boss, played by Ben Lam) who framed him and is now attempting to kill him with help of one his henchmen; Holland Boy (Ngai Sing, also known as Colin Chou).

One of Tony’s low ranked followers; Lobster (Lau Ching-Wan) has an interesting side story. Lobster, aloving father to his little girl, Little Lobster! After being released from hospital, his greeted by Tony and his wife. Although Lobsters wife seems to have lost interest in him and her daughter, after finding out that she covered her daughter in cuts and bruises. Lobster realizes that she is cheating on him and beaten his daughter. Lobster doesn’t take this easy…I wont spoil the rest of the subplot for you. Read More

Flash Point (2007)


Plot: Set in 1996, overly aggressive Cop – Ma (Donnie Yen) is involved in on going case against three Vietnamese triad brothers. In an attempt to bring down this powerful group, Ma’s partner Wilson (Louis Koo) works undercover as a snitch.

With years of loyalty between Wilson and the brothers he’s gained their trust. Although Wilson is growing tired of Ma’s brash attitude and finds his cover blown during a intense chase from the police. The sadistic Brother Tony (Colin Chou) drives down Wilson leaving him for dead.

Fast forward three months and Wilson is now a cripple but only to the effect of a limp. With the eldest Brother Archer behind bars with a court date set in stone, the remaining two brothers begin killing off all witnesses involved with the case and with Wilson inline as the next target, how long can Ma last before he risks every? Read More

Hitman (1998)


There’s always a price to pay when you hire an assassin, from 10 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently a mysterious killer, known as the ‘Angel Of Death’ has appeared in Hong Kong. Asking no payment for his services because all of his targets are evil men and they deserve to die. The Angel of Death is considered to be The King Of Killers. Although no one knows the true identity of the Angel. This masked assassin is a force not to be reckoned with. The opening scenes of the film. The Angel of Death claims the life of a smutty billionaire, Mr. Tsukamoto. In Mr. Tsukamoto Will he mentions if he is killed by an assassin $100 Million US will be rewarded to the person who kills the assassin…This is where our Story begins. Read More