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Mad Detective (2007)

madPlot: Police Officer Wong disappeared 18 months ago after giving chase to a serial killer into the woods, his partner Chi-Wai (Gordon Lam) also gave chase, but he return miraculously unharmed.

Since then, several heists and shootings have all been performed with Wongs pistol.

RCU Officer Ho (Andy On) has been put in charge of solving this case; he decides to seek advice from former boss and personal “sifu”, Bun (Lau Ching-Wan). Bun was an incredibly talented detective who managed to solve several crimes, simply by retracing crime, step by step. He also claimed to have the ability of see people’s inner-personalities, showing their “true” personality, often exposing them as the crimes in question.

Bun was then fired from the force after being judged as mentally unstable, especially when he willingly cut off his own ear as a gift for a retiring colleague.

Ho believes straight away that Bun still has what it takes to solve this mystery. Bun’s first impression sends him into the direction of Wong’s former partner – Chi Wai.

Review: Again Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai provides the world with ninety one minutes of cinema gold. For the past decade To has given the world many great films to appreciate him and his stars by.

This time he’s taken a fairly big chance by putting Andy On in lead, surely he must have been impressed with his work on Election 2. Andy does a great job in his role, but he’s easily outdone by Lau Ching-Wan.

Lau Ching-Wan still riding high off of his success in “My Name is Fame”, he was perfect for this role, flawless! I never doubted his presence in this movie at all. The scene where Bun is warning about Ho about “the weak boy” was brilliant, the twist took my breath.

Gordon Lam also did a very good job playing the character Chi-Wai, a very shady piece of the puzzle. I thought it was also a stroke of genius when Bun meets him for the first time, everything from the whistling to Bun taking a leek on his leg.

Other notable appearances include To regular Lam Suet, playing “The Coward”, Eddy Ko makes a cameo as the recipte of a puppy and a severed ear! Returning from the Election movies, the young lad that plays Simon Yams son appears in the movie as “the weak boy”.

Overall, another awesome movie! Enjoy!

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