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Tag: 2007

What’s Korean Cinema? 20 – Secret Sunshine


From a director who makes the most out of his sporadic filmmaking, we find Lee Chang-dong directing a lead performance with enough acting for 3 movies. So is his 140 minute drama Secret Sunshine from 2007, about grief, belief and emotional trauma worth the investment. Or do we need to watch vidoes of puppies to cleanse? Find out with Kenny B and Hangul Celluloid‘s Paul Quinn.

Running Times: 
00m 00s – Intro/Lee Chang-dong bio & discission
28m 52s – Song Kang-ho and Yeon Do-jeon discussion
36m 10s – Secret Sunshine review

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Rush Hour 3 (2007)


Picking up six years after we last seen the motor mouth carter and Kung fu Lee. The pair is reunited in LA where Lee is escorting Ambassador Han to the World Court to propose a testimony, revealing a list of all the leaders in China’s deadliest Triad organization.

Paying for his sins against the world, Carter is working as a traffic cop. As you can expect the all singing and dancing Carter still manages to screw up this job, especially when it’s rush hour! (Sorry, I just had to pun!).

Before he could reveal the list Ambassador Han is struck down in an assassination attempt. Hot on the pursuit of the shooter (Hiroyuki Sanada), Lee soon catches up be realizing his connection with the killer leaves him with a lump in his throat allowing him to escape.

The Ambassadors daughter Soo-Yung (Zhang Jingchu) to whom is now a young woman feared that this might happen, she advises Lee that she has an envelope with key evidence of her father’s proposal. They just need to collect it from her locker at the local karate academy.

Madness arises leading both Lee and Carter on a whirlwind trip to Paris chasing the infamous list for Ambassador Han. In Paris they meet aromatic singer/dancer Genevieve (Noemie Lenoir), she’s some how connected with this whole mess and they discover that the list is a lot closer to home than they both realize. Read More

Flash Point (2007)


Plot: Set in 1996, overly aggressive Cop – Ma (Donnie Yen) is involved in on going case against three Vietnamese triad brothers. In an attempt to bring down this powerful group, Ma’s partner Wilson (Louis Koo) works undercover as a snitch.

With years of loyalty between Wilson and the brothers he’s gained their trust. Although Wilson is growing tired of Ma’s brash attitude and finds his cover blown during a intense chase from the police. The sadistic Brother Tony (Colin Chou) drives down Wilson leaving him for dead.

Fast forward three months and Wilson is now a cripple but only to the effect of a limp. With the eldest Brother Archer behind bars with a court date set in stone, the remaining two brothers begin killing off all witnesses involved with the case and with Wilson inline as the next target, how long can Ma last before he risks every? Read More

Mad Detective (2007)

madPlot: Police Officer Wong disappeared 18 months ago after giving chase to a serial killer into the woods, his partner Chi-Wai (Gordon Lam) also gave chase, but he return miraculously unharmed.

Since then, several heists and shootings have all been performed with Wongs pistol.

RCU Officer Ho (Andy On) has been put in charge of solving this case; he decides to seek advice from former boss and personal “sifu”, Bun (Lau Ching-Wan). Bun was an incredibly talented detective who managed to solve several crimes, simply by retracing crime, step by step. He also claimed to have the ability of see people’s inner-personalities, showing their “true” personality, often exposing them as the crimes in question.

Bun was then fired from the force after being judged as mentally unstable, especially when he willingly cut off his own ear as a gift for a retiring colleague.

Ho believes straight away that Bun still has what it takes to solve this mystery. Bun’s first impression sends him into the direction of Wong’s former partner – Chi Wai. Read More