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This Week In Sleaze 71: Suburb Murder

Two British teenagers are killed. It’s dubbed The Braemar Hill Murders. In 1992, a Category III film was made about their grisly fate. This is Suburb Murder. With Sleazy K and The Great Lord Joshua Regal. Read More

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 63: No More Love No More Death

If you were into With Or Without You and was wondering about the background of Jacky Cheung’s violent assassin Prince and Rosamund Kwan’s club girl Tweedy’s relationship, it gets told in more explicit, extended fashion in a prequel film: No More Love No More Death, with no more Leon Lai. With Kenny B and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire 343: Wine War

Combining wine and guns and magnetic bombs on location in France, we end the Leon Lai or Bye of it all with 2017’s Wine War. From DIRECTOR Leon Lai. Read More

Podcast On Fire 342: Tragic Hero

The story from Rich and Famous continues but it was Tragic Hero that introduced Hong Kong audiences to these characters. The two film gangster epic wraps up, in 1987’s Tragic Hero. With Kenny B and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 55: In The Line Of Duty 4 & First Option

(Previously published exclusively on the website, this episode is now available in the podcast feed).

Wong or Wrong is over. Bonus content isn’t as we take a look at In The Line Of Duty 4 with Michael Wong alongside the daredevil and asskicking duo Cynthia Khan and Donnie Yen and First Option from 1996 which extends Michael’s comfort and familiarity in the SDU role and movie. With Kenny B and Phil G.

The Director’s Series 40: Johnny Wang FINALE – Escape From Brothel

Johnny Wang turns to pornography. Not because the career was in shambles but he takes his brutality to the Category III classification, and ESSENTIALLY makes his last film. More on that later. With Kenny B and Tom K-W. Read More

What’s Korean Cinema? 63 – Badland Hunters, The Chaser & Exhuma

Kenny B and Paul Quinn discuss a trio of recent Korean films that can be found on streaming or digital, on blu ray, and on the cinema screens: Badland Hunters, The Chaser and Exhuma. Read More