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This Week In Sleaze 50: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic & Crazy Love

Let’s talk some fucking partying! With Herman Yau. Partying from 2007 like it’s 1993 as he returned with a Cat III black magic movie at that time starring Mark Cheng and called Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic and we watch Loletta Lee go from cute girl in a variety of 80s movies to nude girl in a variety of 90s movies as we look at Crazy Love aka The Fruit Is Ripe.

Ken’s note: At 58m 43s you will hear a slight shift in recording quality. For the remainder of the show we had to rely on a backup recording as my software didn’t record the last half of the show.

Running times:

00m 00s – Intro/Gong Tau review
53m 38s –Loletta Lee biography/discussion
60m 33s –Crazy Love review

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Dog Bite Dog (2006)

Plot: Pang (Edison Chen) – a Cambodian pit fighter turn assassin travels to Hong Kong and brutally executes an older woman, when awaiting his escape he is caught up by two cops. The cops Wai (Sam Lee) and Fat Lam (Lam Suet) attempt to apprehend the crazed assassin he ends up driving a screw driver into Lam’s neck, killing him brutally. Pang now at gun point from Wai and his fellow officers he gives himself up allowing them to arrest him. When returning to the station Pang manages to get out of his handcuffs and causes the car to crash letting him escape back into the streets of Hong Kong. Read More

Running Out of Time 2 (2001)


Inspector Ho (Lau Ching-Wan) has led the normal cops life after the events from the first movie. One day he is called to a building roof top when there warning that a man is about to jump. When Ho arrives one of his colleagues, Ken (Lam Suet) is talking with the jumper. The Jumper (Ekin Cheng) has manipulated Ken into playing a game of ‘Heads or Tails’, but Ken is like a broken record by continually repeating the answer “Heads”. Strangely enough its always a “Tails”.

The mystery jumper soon grows bored with both Ken and Ho. the mystery man suddenly dives off of the building, lighting smoke flares as he jumped. When he lands on the giant crash mat at the bottom, he’s no where to be found. Ho soon tracks him down, as each rubbish bin he passed, he left smoke flares in each.

The mystery man states that he has stole 3 very valuable piece of art, which are worth over five million dollars. Ho is intrigued and sets of the rules between him and the thief. If Ho mange’s to get him to the police station, Ho wins and the thief is under arrest. If the thief gets away, they’ll continue chasing each other.

Unsurprisingly enough, the thief escapes. But he leaves clues behind for Ho catch up. The story soon unveils to show that the thief is after 10 million dollar ransom and he wants Ho to deliver it… Read More

The Mission (1999)


When crime lord Mr. Lung’s (Eddy Ko) life is put under threat when he is nearly assassinated. Mr. Lung’s younger brother, Frank (Simon Yam) hires a a group of well respected triads to become Mr. Lung’s new bodyguards.

First of all there is Curtis (Anthony Wong), a stylish barber nicked named The Ice for being a cold hearted killer. Roy (Francis Ng) a bar owner who is well respected in his area, he’s also brought Shin (Jackie Lui). Shin is an obvious rookie, being too chatty and he also seems to be the youngest member of the crew.

Another member is the mister peanut eating James (Lam Suet), seriously James spends at least two thirds of his entire screen time eating peanuts. When he’s not eating nuts, he’s the guns expert of the group. Last but not least is Mike (Roy Cheung) a car valet, who is also quite skilled when it comes to fire arms.

Now Frank pays the group to guard Lung and assassinate his killers if they try to kill him. Will the Mission be a success?

A snazzy action thriller with some cool shootouts with the entire cast acting to their full potential. Anthony Wong was great, he pulled off the the cold hearted Killer role perfectly. Francis Ng was equally impressive, he’s acting skills were believable which reminded me of his performance in 2003’s Infernal Affairs 2.

Jackie Lui, who the hell is this guy!? sorry for offending his fans, but Im glad he wasn’t a let down to the film. Roy Cheung was enjoyable as usual sporting his usual long hair do and his acting charm. Lam Suet played his role well, although his character did seem at tad quite, maybe it was because of all the peanuts he was eating.

The film was cool and has a excellent theme tune, although for the people who buy the Mei Ah DVD release, I’d like to point out a picture quality error. In the opening credits scenes, the words ‘Distributed by International Films Enterprise Ltd.’. After that scene fads the words are left with a faint out which actually slightly slightly visible for the entire running time of the film. Another note the Mei Ah release has considerably bad picture quality. But All and All Great Film!

Mad Detective (2007)

madPlot: Police Officer Wong disappeared 18 months ago after giving chase to a serial killer into the woods, his partner Chi-Wai (Gordon Lam) also gave chase, but he return miraculously unharmed.

Since then, several heists and shootings have all been performed with Wongs pistol.

RCU Officer Ho (Andy On) has been put in charge of solving this case; he decides to seek advice from former boss and personal “sifu”, Bun (Lau Ching-Wan). Bun was an incredibly talented detective who managed to solve several crimes, simply by retracing crime, step by step. He also claimed to have the ability of see people’s inner-personalities, showing their “true” personality, often exposing them as the crimes in question.

Bun was then fired from the force after being judged as mentally unstable, especially when he willingly cut off his own ear as a gift for a retiring colleague.

Ho believes straight away that Bun still has what it takes to solve this mystery. Bun’s first impression sends him into the direction of Wong’s former partner – Chi Wai. Read More

Fatal Contact (2006)


Plot: National Kung Fu champion – Ko Kong (Wu Jing) finds himself being propsitioned by the local triads. They urge him to use his skills on the underground boxing circuit to help him and them earn some easy green.

Refusing their first offer Kong finds himself being convinced by the charm of a young woman called Tin (Miki Yeung). Both of them have came from a poor background and with Kong’s talent they discover that they can become rather wealthy, rather quick.

Befriending triad lacky Captain (Ronald Cheng) a street wise lacky who takes the couple under his wing. As Kong’s undefeated streak continues he catches the attention of triad boss Chansun (Ken Lo), Chansun believes his fighters can beat Kong.

Although when close friends become decieving, can the gullable Kong provale? Read More

Fulltime Killer (2001)


O (Takashi Sorimachi) is a well known and feared assassin. He’s known to be the number one throughout Asia. After the horrid accident of loosing his love, Nacy. O becomes isolated and lonely. O soon hires a women to (whom works in a video store) clean his apartment. The women, Chin (Kelly Lin) has never met her new boss, every week she comes to this apartment and finds a list of chores left for her.

One day Chin meets a mysterious person in her video store, he always rents the same movies and he always wears masks of US Presidents. She soon confronts this man and asks why does he do this, he gives her a simple answer and then asks her out. Strangely enough Chin agrees to go out with him. This mystery man turns out to be a reckless assassin named, Lau Tok-Wah (Andy Lau). Chin isn’t startled by his living and she is even intrigued. Read More