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Fatal Contact (2006)


Plot: National Kung Fu champion – Ko Kong (Wu Jing) finds himself being propsitioned by the local triads. They urge him to use his skills on the underground boxing circuit to help him and them earn some easy green.

Refusing their first offer Kong finds himself being convinced by the charm of a young woman called Tin (Miki Yeung). Both of them have came from a poor background and with Kong’s talent they discover that they can become rather wealthy, rather quick.

Befriending triad lacky Captain (Ronald Cheng) a street wise lacky who takes the couple under his wing. As Kong’s undefeated streak continues he catches the attention of triad boss Chansun (Ken Lo), Chansun believes his fighters can beat Kong.

Although when close friends become decieving, can the gullable Kong provale?

Review: Dennis Law delivers a action packed kick to the teeth with this stunning underground boxing flick!

Wu Jing does well as an actor and exceptional as a martial artist, although he’s not really the lead actor, he shares the 1# position with Miki & Ronald. Miki Yeung was good eye candy, but she and Teresa fu were a little plain, neither of their performances stood out. Ronald Cheng surprised me, I’d never really seen him in anything and knowing this guys reputation isn’t the best, but I thought the dude done quite well here.

The action is great, it’s really top notch stuff in this day and age, where most action is wired orientated. Don’t get me wrong there is wire use in this movie but it isn’t put to an exaggerated use. Wu Jing is really in his prime; his fights in this movie are as good as SPL if not better! Someone really needs to put him and Tony Jaa together.

The story is good, although in the later half of the movie it falls into most boxing/fighting movie clichés. I’m going to explain the clichés which is a Spoiler so if you don’t want to know what happens, just scroll past this paragraph. With Wu Jing winning left, right and centre he has to keep the bosses happy by throwing his fight with Timmy Hung. We’ve seen it a thousand times, yawn.

The only real weakness to the movie is the ending, it kind of feels like Dennis Law had too many loose ends and he tried to solve all his problems at once. It just leaves you with a bitter taste in your movie, but then you can rewind back to the fight sequences and feel better.

Guest appearances include Lam Suet as part of Eddie Cheung triad group. Andy On appears as the 3rd fighter on the ship. Timmy Hung appears as Wu Jing’s final opponent and at the very end of the movie Hui Siu-Hung appears! Him and Lam Suet are a pair of working whores! Oh yeah the abbot from God of Cookery makes a cameo as a homeless bloke.

Final thoughts , good flick, great action, psycho ending, but 2/3 ain’t bad!

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