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Battle Royale 2 (2003)


3 years after the third Battle Royale, surviving students Nanahara Shuya (Tatsuya Fujiwara) has become the leader of a leading Anti-Battle Royale terrorist group. Although the ‘adults’ have come up with a new Battle Royale, version 2. In this act a group of rebellious students will be sent to the island where Nanahara is hiding out and the students are given three days to eliminate Nanahara Shuya.

Now the lucky students chosen for this years Battle Royale is a class of 42. The school is for students who are orphan, rebels or truants. One of the main class members are Takuma Aoi (Shûgo Oshinari), aka Taku. The also recently had gotten a transfer student, Shiori Kitano (Ai Maeda). You’ve guessed it, Shiori is the daughter of Takeshi Kitano…Nanahara’s teacher. She has signed herself up for the Battle Royale Act along with the school students, now she has only one ambition, kill Nanahara.

With all these twists and turns in BR2 will the students kill or be killed?

Now the main thought of this film is like everyone else’s. Can Battle Royale 2 top the performance of Battle Royale one? Comparing them is like comparing cats and dogs, Its just not the same. I feel that Battle Royale 2 is more of a spin off flick rather than a sequel. The first half hour of the movie is practically identical to the original.

The acting for the film was excellent, everyone was great. Great performances by Tatsuya Fujiwara, Ai Maeda and Shûgo Oshinari. Even more amusing cameo’s from Beat Takeshi and Sonny Chiba. Aki Maeda (sister of Ai Maeda) from Battle Royale makes an appearance towards the end of the movie.

The action was also quite intense, the action also seemed rather similar to war scenes in Saving Private Ryan.

Final thought, Battle Royale 2 was a intense battle from start to finish, so enjoy and don’t expect it to be like the first one.

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