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Election 2 (2006)

Two years have pasted from the last election in Wo Shing Triad Society, it’s time for Lok (Simon Yam) to give up his post as the Godfather. Candidates for his place is Jimmy (Louis Koo), Jet (Nick Cheung) and Kun. All the favours point towards Jimmy, although he doesn’t want to become the godfather. Jimmy wants to leave the gang and continue to run his buisness producing porn discs.

When doing buiness in China Jimmy is arested. When released on bail he is told by the Chinese Security Bureau Chief that he is only allowed to travel to China as a tourist and not buisness. Jimmy is desparte to expand his company over to the mainland so the cops give him a propersition, win the election and you’ll have all the business power you want in China.

Things get complicated when a greedy Lok plans on making sure he’s re-elected for a second term…

Johnny To keeps the faith in Hong Kong Gangster flicks with this dark, bloody and eeire sequal to 2005’s Election.

Watching this movie has made me a fan of Louis Koo’s dark side and has restored my faith in Mark Cheng – which I lost after watching his performance in Raped By An Angel, also starring Simon Yam. Louis Koo has managed to beat Simon Yam in the sick b*stard meter in this movie, Yam did try though with him sending a certain person down the stairs, twice. Koo takes the cake with his persuation techinques when convincing people to preform a hit for him.

I have to admit I enjoyed this movie more than the first one, don’t get me wrong I really did enjoy the first movie, but I found the pacing in this movie alot smoother. The 1hr 30min running time was perfect, no-more, no-less. At first I did find the storyline to this movie a little confusing, but I was exactly the same when it came to the first movie.

Guest appearances, Lam Suet is reduced to a small role in this movie only making three or four appearances throughout the entire movie. Andy On has a short appearance as ‘Lik’, one of Jimmys kick-boxing sparing buddys, who ends up with his own twist and nasty ending. Chan Siu-Pang returns as the crippled ‘Long Gun’ towards the end of the movie. Nick Cheung returns as Jet and has a minior role, basically him wanting his time as the Godfather etc.

Final thoughts, great film, I love the music to it, very dark. Enjoy!

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