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Review Update; “H”

Been one Hell of a night…


Yes, all reviews I’ve written under “H” from HKCuk, are now online! The reviews are; Miyazaki’s amazing “Howls Moving Castle“, Stephen Fungs “House of Fury“, the amazing “House of Flying Daggers“,  the best fucking Korean monster movie ever; “The Host“, Chin Kar-Lok in…”Hong Kong X-Files“, ’80’s Supernatural horrors with Lam Ching-Ying “Hocus Pocus“,  Jet Li and the Tsang man in “Hitman“, Jet again in “High Risk“, my personal favorite Shaw Brothers film “Heroes Two“, Eddy Ko in “Heroes shed no tears“, more shaws with “Heroes of the East“, Ekin Cheng needs “Help!!!“, another healthy dose of Ekin Cheng in “Heavenly King“, Daniel Wu’s ace Mockumentary “The Heavenly Kings“, Jackie helps Sammo in “Heart of the Dragon“, Gordon Liu “has nothing but Kung Fu” and……….Hapkido!


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