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Fist Power (2000)

Chiu Man Cheuk is back with another fast paced action movie although it doesn’t live up to its expectation.

Brain Cheuk (Chiu Man-Cheuk) a Security Specialist who is trained as a martial artist. After celebrating his birthday with his family he plans on moving to Hong Kong. Although his family (who also all train in martial arts) have plans for him already…Married!

Chau (Anthony Wong) is an old army veteran who works at the local scrap yard with his brother in law (Sam Lee). One day Chau finds out that his wife is planning on leaving the country with his step son, Tony along with his real father, a gangster fresh out of prison. Although the parents only want Tony so he can claim for his grandfathers inheritance.

Now Chau has taken things into his own hands and has held an entire children’s school hostage and even has planted explosives around the school. He and his old army buddies wont let any children go until Chau is reunited with his Son. Brian’s nephew happens to be one of those students Chau is holding hostage, so Brain volunteers to collect Tony at any means necessary…

Gigi Lai (from Young & Dangerous) also has a decent role of the film as journalist who was set up on a blind date with Brain, but things didn’t go well. Gigi soon comes back and begins to help Brian look for Tony. Sam Lee also joins the group as he is Tony’s uncle.

My Final Thoughts on this film is the action, watch the film for the action. When it comes to acting or some other scenes they usually drag, apart from the scenes with Anthony Wong, who I thought carried the film quite well. So if your in the mood to see some Wu Shu along with some typical Wong Jing comedy feel free to watch this flick, it isn’t that bad!

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