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Bullet Proof Monk (2003)


Personal Thoughts: Different…yes I know your wondering why im reviewing Bullet Proof Monk, with its bad reception from Chow Yun-Fat’s past US movies. ‘Monk’ – aka The Monk with no name (played by Chow Yun-Fat), has been giving a scroll from his mentor, the scroll having some strong power behind, so it better not fall into wrong hands. Yet a group of militants take out all of the monks where he is training at, whom are after the scroll. After chasing Monk he takes a dive from a cliff, with the scroll.

Monk some how appears 60 into the future (2004) where he helps a girl in need with help from a pickpocket, Kar (played Seann William Scott). Kau earns a living pick pocketing and working in a Chinese theatre, which he developed some martial arts from watching the films, which helps him against a gang of subway thugs, including Jade (played by Jamie King). After stealing the scroll from Monk, Kar is now followed by Monk and attempts to take him under his wing and make him achieve spiritual enlightenment, yet it seems from early on Kar has feelings for Jade. Yet she tracks him down after realizing he stole her jade necklace. The group of militants are back, yes…but they have aged, the leader of the nazi’s is now in a wheelchair.

Now with young women, I think it’s the generals granddaughter Nina (played by Victoria Smurfit), she and her suited henchmen are hunting down Monk for the scroll. They soon get a hold Monk, leaving Kar and Jade to get him back!

a Jade, the women of Mr. Funktastic – the leader of the subway thugs, Kar ran into. She seems to be a street wise brawler who has a trick or two up her sleeve. Although Kar finds out that she is a little rich kid, who covers up as a street punk in the evenings. But this still doesn’t stop Kar from trying to a little kiss, kiss action from her.

My thoughts of Bullet Proof Monk are rather frank. This movie has some potential after the first hour. But think some cheese wire work spoils it badly. When looking at it, at first I couldn’t believe Seann William Scott would be in it, basically thinking a back to his roles in the dreadfully crude American pie movies. But he actually handled the role quite well and believable, which has changed my opinion of him. Bullet Proof Monk is a great introduction movie to people who might show an interest in Chow Yun-Fat and hopefully this will lead them to see other movies such as The Killer, Hard Boiled, God Of Gamblers, City On Fire, Hong Kong 1941 etc.

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