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Born to be King (2000)


The last in the Young & Dangerous series and boy is it a treat!

Chicken (Jordan Chan) has chosen from the San Luen Gang to marry the daughter of the head Japanese Yamada Gang. The gang is lead by ‘The Director’ Isako Kusaraki (Sonny Chiba). With this married this will sealed a strong friendship between San Luen and The Yamada Societies.

Chicken is also reunited with his old cousin, Blacky (Blacky Ko) appearing from the past Young & Dangerous films.

The turns out to be successful and Chicken thinks he’s got the easy life now, but it isn’t easy, I tell you that!

The San Luen gang is now lead by Mr. Lui (Peter Ho). Mr. Lui is the son of the Mr. Lui in Young & Dangerous 2. Mr. Lui is back from the the States with his friend Michael (Michael Tse) and Jason (Jason Chu). Mr. Lui has never liked Chicken since the first minute he saw him. From the first chance he gets he’ll frame Chicken or attempt to kill him off.

Akira (Roy Cheung) is the foster son of Kusaraki and he wasn’t very happy either to hear about Chicken marrying Nanako (Anya). Soon after the wedding Chicken spends a night out with Blacky, Akira stops by one night and ends up raping Nanako. Soon as he raped her he disappears from the scene of the crime and spends most of his time in hiding. But now Chicken has sworn to Kusaraki to kill Akira…

What About Ho-Nam!?

Well Chan Ho-Nam (Ekin Cheng) is back, but he is really messed up having flash backs of Smartie non-stop. Ho-Nam is still going with Mei Ling (Shu Qi) for the 3rd Year, yet she is causing some friction between them by her continually comparing herself to Smartie.

With him being in Tokyo (for Chickens Wedding) he notices a women who is the practically the twin of Smartie! Ho-Nam falls her around like a stray dog until she confronts him. She is a nursery teacher called Rong Yu (amazingly played by Gigi Lai) and a nice little friendship appears between the two. Yet Mei Ling believes things are going down the drain…

Apart from Ho-Nams love troubles, he’s at the aid of Chicken. Ho-Nam finds out who is setting up Chicken and he plans on exposing Lui in front of his pears before he tries anything else…

For the die hard fans the usual branch leaders are back, Sister 13 (Sandra Ng), Ben Hon (Wan Yeung-Ming), but no Tai Fai. Don’t worry Pou-Pan (Jerry Lamb) & Big Head (Chin Kar-Lok).

Born To Be King is the awesome ending to the Young & Dangerous series. People might miss this by the different title, but it is also known to be Young & Dangerous 7. Number 6 is a prequel starring Nicholas Tse & Sam Lee. This film was filmed differently compared to the other Y&D films, but it was better in my opinion it had a edge to it. The film had tension, action, great theme tune and truly up & coming cast. Enjoy!

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