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Tag: Roy Cheung

The Director’s Series 22: Ringo Lam – School On Fire

Ringo Lam truly earns the dark in the nickname Dark Faced God as he and brother Nam Yin take aim at the Hong Kong school system in a 1988 shocker that’s earned a bit of a reputation over the years. This is The Director’s Series 22 Ringo Lam’s School On Fire. With Kenny B and Tom K-W.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Quick-Takes: Prison On Fire 1 & 2.
21m 46s – School On Fire background
28m 30s – Roy Cheung biography & discussion
45m 22s – School On Fire review

Show Links: Read More

Young and Dangerous: Hung Hing in depth…

This is hopefully the first Young & Dangerous article to those who haven’t the slightest clue about this amazing series of table tossing triads and reoccurring nemeses. Yes everything from triad lackey Chan Ho-Nam to the legendary nose picker – Tai Fai is explained here. Read More

The Mission (1999)


When crime lord Mr. Lung’s (Eddy Ko) life is put under threat when he is nearly assassinated. Mr. Lung’s younger brother, Frank (Simon Yam) hires a a group of well respected triads to become Mr. Lung’s new bodyguards.

First of all there is Curtis (Anthony Wong), a stylish barber nicked named The Ice for being a cold hearted killer. Roy (Francis Ng) a bar owner who is well respected in his area, he’s also brought Shin (Jackie Lui). Shin is an obvious rookie, being too chatty and he also seems to be the youngest member of the crew.

Another member is the mister peanut eating James (Lam Suet), seriously James spends at least two thirds of his entire screen time eating peanuts. When he’s not eating nuts, he’s the guns expert of the group. Last but not least is Mike (Roy Cheung) a car valet, who is also quite skilled when it comes to fire arms.

Now Frank pays the group to guard Lung and assassinate his killers if they try to kill him. Will the Mission be a success?

A snazzy action thriller with some cool shootouts with the entire cast acting to their full potential. Anthony Wong was great, he pulled off the the cold hearted Killer role perfectly. Francis Ng was equally impressive, he’s acting skills were believable which reminded me of his performance in 2003’s Infernal Affairs 2.

Jackie Lui, who the hell is this guy!? sorry for offending his fans, but Im glad he wasn’t a let down to the film. Roy Cheung was enjoyable as usual sporting his usual long hair do and his acting charm. Lam Suet played his role well, although his character did seem at tad quite, maybe it was because of all the peanuts he was eating.

The film was cool and has a excellent theme tune, although for the people who buy the Mei Ah DVD release, I’d like to point out a picture quality error. In the opening credits scenes, the words ‘Distributed by International Films Enterprise Ltd.’. After that scene fads the words are left with a faint out which actually slightly slightly visible for the entire running time of the film. Another note the Mei Ah release has considerably bad picture quality. But All and All Great Film!

City on Fire (1979)


Plot: Resigning undercover cop – Ko Chow (Chow Yun-Fat) plans resigning are shattered when brought into the station to have a meeting with his boss, Lau (Yueh Sun). Lau tells him that has one job left to do before leaving the force. The job is to infiltrate a violent gang of jewelery thieves, to gain their trust he must pass himself off as a gun dealer, selling weapons to the gang and then work his way into the gang participating in their next heist.

Ko Chow befriends on of the gangs main men – Fu (Danny Lee), both having similar backgrounds they create a decent friendship between them. But Ko Chow is haunted by past missions when one of his best friends were killed because of him. Ko doesn’t want the same thing to happen twice. Read More

Chinese Odyessy 2002 (2002)


Plot: Set in the Ming Dynasty the Emperor (Chang Chen) and the princess (Faye Wong) both fed up with their royal duties attempt to escape the palace. The emperor is caught by his mothers (Empress Dowager) guards and sent back to the throne, but the princess manages to escape disgusted as a man.

The Princess meets Yilong (Tony Leung), Yilong has the reputation as a pain in the neck, a well known village bully (although the term village idiot comes to mind) who seems to cause more harm than good. He’s on a mission to find a suitable husband for his sister Phoenix (Vicky Zhao). Obviously mistaking the princess for gentleman they become sworn brothers and insists that the Princess is the perfect man for his sister.

Phoenix, to whom is quiet the tomboy is also quiet pleased with the catch her brother has caught for her. Although ‘he’ seems to be more interested in her brother, rather than her. Although she soon meets a wondering swordsman who sweeps her off of her feet.

The swordsman turns out to be the Emperor to whom has left the palace to find the princess. He also happens to fall in love with the boy-ish yet beautiful Phoenix

Things suddenly get complicated when the Empress Dowager comes for the emperor and the princess… Read More

Born to be King (2000)


The last in the Young & Dangerous series and boy is it a treat!

Chicken (Jordan Chan) has chosen from the San Luen Gang to marry the daughter of the head Japanese Yamada Gang. The gang is lead by ‘The Director’ Isako Kusaraki (Sonny Chiba). With this married this will sealed a strong friendship between San Luen and The Yamada Societies. Read More

The Avenging Fist (2001)


Personal Thought: It’s the future. People are on Hover boards, Mobile Phones are at your finger tips, no really they are! This film is filled with wire work and CGI effects which is some times on the good side and the bad. Yet if you aren’t a fan of the CGI and wire work maybe the cast will interest you; Alex Wang (Chinese Strike force), Stephen Fung (Gen-X-Cops), Chin Kar-Lok (Operation Scorpio), Gigi Leung (First Option) And Kristy Yeung (Storm Riders). Apart from the young there is two classic actors included Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao!

Now lets get this party Started Nova (played by Alex Wang) is an hyped up teen spending his days street fighting in and outside of tournaments raising money for the one thing. The Power Glove. His Father ‘Thunder’ (played by Yuen Biao) supposedly killed a couple year back has left a hologram of him demonstrating the deadly art of Power Fist. Although his mother (played by Cecilia Yip) is against him using The Power Fist technique and is very against him getting a Power Glove. The Power Glove is known unlock the full use of the human brain, fact is that we only use 10% brain power. The Gloves were only issued to certain police officers, one of those officers was Thunder the others where ‘Dark’ (played by Sammo Hung) and Combat 21 (played by Roy Cheung) who turns out to be the main protagonist of the film. Read More