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Kenny B is cheating a little by taking a detour into the 2000's for the Milkyway Treasures Where Can I Buy Clonidine, of the 90s but it's warranted as one of the directors they wished to push and promote was Derek Chiu. Up for review is therefore is his black comedy Comeuppance (2000) and the island set romance Sealed With A Kiss (1999), 750mg Clonidine. 40mg Clonidine, Neither being conventional or for mainstream consumption. Also in the network updates and last movies watched, 250mg Clonidine, Clonidine paypal, hear Kenny's thoughts on why it's a good and bad choice to have Hong Kong actors speaking English in yet another Bloodsport clone.

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Young and Dangerous: Hung Hing in depth…

This is hopefully the first Young & Dangerous article to those who haven't the slightest clue about this amazing series of table tossing triads and reoccurring nemeses. Yes everything from triad lackey Chan Ho-Nam to the legendary nose picker - Tai Fai is explained here. Quoted as “A Better Tomorrow for the nineties” Young and Dangerous was originally based on popular Manga comics entitled “Teddy Boy” written by Kau Man. The comics  are about a group of young students joining the Hung Hing triad society and their perilous and exhilarating stories of lust, betrayal and gang warfare from Hong Kong’s criminal world. With Stormriders director Andrew Lau at the helm he released "Young & Dangerous" in January 1996. The leading role of Chan Ho-Nam was played by the long haired fresh faced actor Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin (Twins Effect, Legend of Zu). Playing across from Ekin is Jordan Chan (Initial D, Throwdown) as the sexaholic Chicken (Chicken also being a Cantonese slang term for prostitute). The three other members of the group are Yee (Stormriders actor Michael Tse), Chou-Pan (The Blade actor Jason Chu) and his younger bother - Pou-Pan (Legend of Speed actor Jerry Lam). The Story is of our five young students becoming triads of the Hung Hing society after having a nasty tiff with fearful triad "Ugly Kwan" (Francis Ng). The story picks up 10 years later (1996) with Chan Ho-Nam still holding an iron grudge against Kwan. Leading characters Chan Ho-Nam and Chicken find their friendship ruined when Ho-Nam is drugged and ends up sleeping with Chickens girlfriend. Chicken leaves Hong Kong for good. In Young and Dangerous part II film explains you what happened to Chicken when he left Hong Kong and traveled to Taiwan. He is reuniting with his cousin Darky (played by the late great Blacky Ko). In Taiwan he makes some friends and creates some new enemies. The original gang is introduced to a new member of their group – Banana Skin. He bares a striking resemblance to Chou-Pan and the nose picking Tai Fai (Played by Anthony Wong).

Young & Dangerous: The Prequel

With the series new an end after the compelling and exciting “Born to Be King”, Andrew Lau took a step back and decided to film a prequel with another young fresh faced cast (actually being the first movie for half of the leading cast) introducing Daniel Wu, Nicholas Tse, Benjamin Yuen, Yu Ka-Ho etc. They reenact the opening sequence of the original Young & Dangerous where Chan Ho-Nam gets treated to a Coke from Ugly Kwan (Francis Ng even returns to play the brief part). After the incident the movie continues and shows are a darker side to the characters of the popular series. A full review of the movie can be found here.

Young and Dangerous leading cast

Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin

Character: 1 - Chan Ho-Nam (on 8 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-5, Born to Be King, Those Were the Days (cameo appearance) & Portland Street Blues (cameo appearance) Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 3 & Born To Be King Jordan Chan Siu-Chun

Character: 1 - 'Chicken' (on 7 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-4, Born To Be King, Those Were the Days & Portland Street Blues (cameo appearance) Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 4 & Born To Be King Jerry Lamb Hui-Fung Character: 1 - Pou-Pan (on 8 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-5, Born To Be King, Those Were the Days & Portland Street Blues Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 5 Michael Tse Tin-Wah Character: 2 - Yee (on 5 occasions) & Michael (on 1 occasion) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-4, Born To Be King & Those Were the Days Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 4 Jason Chu Wing-Tong Character: 3 - Chou-Pan (on 1 occasion), Banana Skin (on 4 occasions) & Jason (on 1 occasion) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-5, Born To Be King, Those Were the Days & Portland Street Blues Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 5 & Born To Be King Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Character: 1 - Tai Fai (on 7 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 2-5 & The Legendary Tai Fai Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 2 & 3 Chin Kar-Lok Character: 1 - 'Big Head' (on 2 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 5 & Born To Be King Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 5

The Branch Leaders / Other Notable cast members

Roy Cheung is probably one of the most memorable characters to the Young & Dangerous series. He makes 3 appearances in 3 movies as 3 Bad Guys! His first appearance was in Young & Dangerous 3 as psychotic Crow. His second appearance was in the edition in the series as the artistic and intellectual – Tiger, who also has a strange fetish for throwing people off buildings. His final appearance was in Born to Be King where he played the son of the aging Japanese crime lord (played by Sonny Chiba), he was driven to betray his father after he chose Chicken over him. Gigi Lai, Michelle Reis & Shu Qi all have one thing in common; their the ladies of Chan Ho-Nam. Gigi Lai appears in the first three movies and appears as a new character in the last movie. Michelle Reis fills “Eye Candy” void in the fourth movie. The delectable Shu Qi appears in the five and sixth movie. Shu Qi also manages to appear in the Young & Dangerous prequel as Chan Ho-Nam’s love interest, although the characters are unrelated. Spencer Lam has left his mark on the Hung Hing boys too. He joined the group as spiritual guide, yes he was a man of god, yes a priest. Not just any old priest, he was ex-triad (nick named “The Lethal Weapon”), kung fu fighter and soccer player! His daughter Shuk-Fan is played by Karen Mok and is soon beloved by Chicken. She mysteriously disappears after the fourth movie, although in “Those Were the Days” he explains that they weren't right for each other and she moved to Japan to learn Japanese (when in Rome, I guess). Sister Thirteen (Sandra Ng) - Branch Leader of Mongkok, she is also the main character in the Portland Street Blues. Ben Hon (Vincent Wan) - Branch Leader of Kwai Chung & Tsing Yi Districts Key (Lee Siu-Kei) - Branch Leader of the Western District. He appears several times throughout the series. Tai Fai (Anthony Wong) - Branch Leader of 'North Point' and the comic relief of the series. Also having an own spin off movie based on his character “The Legendary Tai Fai”. Yiu (Lee Diy-Yue) - Right hand of Mr. Chiang. Prince (Ken Lo) - Only making an appearance in the 4th movie, Prince is quote to be the leader of Tsim Sha Tsui. Fat Lai – Only appearing in the 4th film is Fat Lai is known as the branch leader of 'North Point'. By the end of the movie, his district 'North Point' (notorious for its Blue Movies/Magazines) is handed over to Tai Fai. Brother Bee (Ng Chi-Hung) – A notable character from the first movie, the branch leader of Causeway Bay, who takes Chan Ho-Nam and his mates under his wing. He makes several appearances throughout the series in flashbacks and other characters. Cousin Darky (Blacky Ko) - Darky is the Taiwanese cousin of Chicken. He's mainly seen in Young & Dangerous 2 and Born to Be King. But he does make his appearances throughout the series. Mr. Chiang (I) (Simon Yam) - The leader of the Hung Hing society. Mr. Chiang (II) (Alex Man) – Brother of the original Mr. Chiang, he lives out in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He appears series several times after his appearance in fourth movie.

Young and Dangerous Movies (including Spin Offs)

Young & Dangerous (1996) Sexy & Dangerous (1996) Young & Dangerous 2 (1996) Young & Dangerous 3 (1996) Street Angels (1996) Once Upon a Time in a Triad Society (1996) Young & Dangerous 4 (1997) Young & Dangerous 5 (1998) Portland Street Blues (1998) Young & Dangerous: The Prequel (1998) The Legendary Tai Fai (1999) Those Were the Days (2000) Born To Be King (2000) There is a sequel to Once Upon A Time in a Triad Society (same title just '2' added), yet it has nothing in common with the first movie, nor the Young & Dangerous series. People may question where films like Sexy & Dangerous and Street Angels have anything to do with the series, but they are only set in the same locations as the movies or feature Y&D related cast members making cameos or references towards characters etc. There is also one last related movie Sexy & Dangerous movie 'Sexy & Dangerous 2', the only relation is through similar title only.


In conclusion this series of glorified triads and enemies continually reappearing from the dead still manage to be entertaining, I can look back on these films and still enjoy them. Sure over time the movies date and the odd performance is over reacted, but heck that’s probably why I love the series so much, Hopefully we’ve enlightened you today.

Men Suddenly in Black 2 (2006)


Plot: After receiving a DVD from 'Ninth Auntie' (Sandra Ng) housewife's and girlfriend of four rowdy men (Eric Tsang, Jordan Chan, Cheung Tat-Ming & Wong Yue-Nam) travel to Macau to fool around behind their partners back, going by the terms "Wife's play so that Husbands stay". So fooling around behind your husbands back is the only way to maintain your marriage? As you can expect the men suspect something's fishy going on and travel to Macau to catch them in the act! Review: In 2003 Edmond Pang the witty and funny "Men Suddenly in Black". In 2006 Zhong Qing debut movie a sequel with half of the original cast returning, with the odds largely against him is Zhong Qing the next Edmond Pang? As you can expect Qing ain't no Pang! Qing does give it a good try though, some parts of the movie are quite funny. Although this movie has introduced movie spoofing, the film frequently spoofs Johnny To's "Election" movies, everything from the Kennel Scene in Election 2 to the Fishing Scene from Election. They also throw in disposable spoofs of Sha Po Lang and Death Note. Apart from movies they also throw in several actor references everyone from Jacky Chan to Philip Chan! Sure it gives out a couple giggles but It hasn't really got anything to do with the movie. Guest appearances include several notable Hong Kong actors so for the women who were looking around here are the list of people they go through; Lam Chi-Chung, Alfred Cheung, Timmy Hung & Carl Ng. Lam Chi-Sin has a cameo as the owner of a porno vcd shop. Ken Wong and Turtle Wong makes appearances as the start of the movie. Tony Leung Ka-Fai appears spirit only, well voice only, portrayed by a golden retriever... Final thoughts, No. 1 was great, No. 2 was not bad, please, no number three.

Men Suddenly in Black (2003)

MEN2Men Suddenly In Black is one of the most original films I’ve seen in ages. With a complex, but amusing story of four men attempting to fool around as much as they could before their wife’s return from a 14 hour Buddhism trip to Thailand. After failed attempts in the past, Tin (Eric Tsang) ensures his three companions that they will succeed this time. They have went to great lengths to ensure victory. Equipped with various types of Viagra, 9 flavored condoms (everyman has his limits), new SIM cards, Cash (instead of using credit cards, where traces can be found) and non attention seeking vehicle, aka Taxi! Tin is your average guy, selling electronics by day. Haunted by the memories of ‘Ninth Uncle’ (Tony Leung Ka Fai) who sacrificed his life as a swinger to save Tin in the past. Ninth Uncle has now been locked in his home for five years, by his wife (Sandra Ng) who isn’t even letting him read porn anymore…the horror! Medical Doctor Cheung (Jordan Chan) is Tins second in command, being old buddies when it comes to the messing around, although Cheung wants to know Tin more, other than meeting up to find women. Chao (Chapman To) the story teller of the group, he cant help but mention a story he’s heard. Also known for his singing in karaoke bars. Funnily enough that’s where he met his first love as well… Paul (Spirit Blue), Tins nephew. He’s a university student from Beijing who is wanting to follow in his uncles footsteps, but he doesn’t really get hang of it, still having his virginity at the tend age of 22. This film is a breath of fresh air to dark comedy genre. With enjoyable scenes such as; the paparazzi attack, Tin meeting his first love ‘Jo Jo’, Chao accidentally paying by credit card and so on. The film even has its fair share of familiar faces; Sammo Hung, Chin Kar-Lok and Alan Tam. They even make references to other stars in Hong Kong such as Stephen Chow, May Zhao and Bruce Lee! Final thoughts, this film is just magical, you can diffidently watch this film more than once and still laugh at some scenes. So if you’re a fan of Dark Comedies and you want to see Eric Tsang in a giant yellow jumper, Men Suddenly In Black is the film for you!

Help!!! (2000)


Plot: Yan (Cecilia Chung) is a young doctor at Kau Kei-Ho Charity Hospital. The Kau Kei-Ho hospital is in a terrible state, the doctors don't do their job, they choose to help the hardly injured patients rather than the serious ones! When patient was comes in after being struck by lightening the doctors and nurses attempt to unload him onto other departments, but no one wants him! Yan finds the sizzled patient and discovers that he is actually man who owns the hospital 'Sir Kau Kei-Ho'! (Lam Kau) He pleads Yan to turn things around, make the hospital a hospital and not an embarrassment! Unable to change things herself she convinces greasy haired slacker doctor Jim (Jordan Chan) to help. Although Jim admits he won't be able to make any difference with out his old colleague Joe. Joe (Ekin Cheng) left the hospital a few years back, Joe had made a pact with Jim. If the hospital demanded reform, they would resign, so Joe resigned where as Jim said he did but he sent a Christmas Card instead. Since then Joe doesn't want anything to do with weak willed Jim. She chose to become a doctor because Joe & Jim saved her life from appendicitis when she was 14. She promised to marry the doctor that shouted "It's not easy being a doctor!", although due to the anesthetic she can't remember which doctor it was. Yan's intriguing story convinces Joe to return to Kau Kei-Ho, although will the 'highest management' allow it? Review: I have to say I think this films a great comedy, it does kind of feel like a series of sketches but works well. Some movies can pull off the crazy over-the-top gags, this movie can! Were No Bad Guys can't unfortunately, I had a soft spot for that film. Ekin, Jordan & Cecilia make a good trio, heck I think the combination of Lam Suet & Hui Siu-Hung was great! I loved the shot where the shadows they were casting were devils! Heck their characters even had amusing names: Leon Lai & Andy Lau! The deal with the Highest Management is also quite amusing, everyone is scared of them and anyone that takes them on ends up in a stretcher! The only person who seems to have the guts is 'Kau Kei-Ho'. There is an amusing storyline about how Yan saved the live of a choking beggar. The beggar now determined to make Yan love him he goes from being a beggar to a wealthy young Raymond Wong look-a-like! But the only thing that never changes it his crotch itch! Final thoughts a great laugh! Sit back relax, laugh and hopefully you'll enjoy!

Born to be King (2000)


The last in the Young & Dangerous series and boy is it a treat! Chicken (Jordan Chan) has chosen from the San Luen Gang to marry the daughter of the head Japanese Yamada Gang. The gang is lead by 'The Director' Isako Kusaraki (Sonny Chiba). With this married this will sealed a strong friendship between San Luen and The Yamada Societies. Chicken is also reunited with his old cousin, Blacky (Blacky Ko) appearing from the past Young & Dangerous films. The turns out to be successful and Chicken thinks he's got the easy life now, but it isn't easy, I tell you that! The San Luen gang is now lead by Mr. Lui (Peter Ho). Mr. Lui is the son of the Mr. Lui in Young & Dangerous 2. Mr. Lui is back from the the States with his friend Michael (Michael Tse) and Jason (Jason Chu). Mr. Lui has never liked Chicken since the first minute he saw him. From the first chance he gets he'll frame Chicken or attempt to kill him off. Akira (Roy Cheung) is the foster son of Kusaraki and he wasn't very happy either to hear about Chicken marrying Nanako (Anya). Soon after the wedding Chicken spends a night out with Blacky, Akira stops by one night and ends up raping Nanako. Soon as he raped her he disappears from the scene of the crime and spends most of his time in hiding. But now Chicken has sworn to Kusaraki to kill Akira... What About Ho-Nam!? Well Chan Ho-Nam (Ekin Cheng) is back, but he is really messed up having flash backs of Smartie non-stop. Ho-Nam is still going with Mei Ling (Shu Qi) for the 3rd Year, yet she is causing some friction between them by her continually comparing herself to Smartie. With him being in Tokyo (for Chickens Wedding) he notices a women who is the practically the twin of Smartie! Ho-Nam falls her around like a stray dog until she confronts him. She is a nursery teacher called Rong Yu (amazingly played by Gigi Lai) and a nice little friendship appears between the two. Yet Mei Ling believes things are going down the drain... Apart from Ho-Nams love troubles, he's at the aid of Chicken. Ho-Nam finds out who is setting up Chicken and he plans on exposing Lui in front of his pears before he tries anything else... For the die hard fans the usual branch leaders are back, Sister 13 (Sandra Ng), Ben Hon (Wan Yeung-Ming), but no Tai Fai. Don't worry Pou-Pan (Jerry Lamb) & Big Head (Chin Kar-Lok). Born To Be King is the awesome ending to the Young & Dangerous series. People might miss this by the different title, but it is also known to be Young & Dangerous 7. Number 6 is a prequel starring Nicholas Tse & Sam Lee. This film was filmed differently compared to the other Y&D films, but it was better in my opinion it had a edge to it. The film had tension, action, great theme tune and truly up & coming cast. Enjoy!

Bio Zombie (1998)


Plot: Woody Invincible (Jordan Chan) and his mate Crazy Bee (Sam Lee) are two triad lackey’s who run a bootleg VCD shop in a shopping centre. When picking up their bosses car from the mechanics they accidentally run over a man with a briefcase. When they check to see if the man is alright he plea’s for a soft drink, they find a bottle of juice by his briefcase and give the dying man his last request. Thinking that their thirst quenched buddy has passed on they decide to chuck him in the boot and get back to work. When trying to make some extra money to pay off their debt’s they decide to steal the dead man’s phone and mug one of the workers at the beauty salon (also stationed in the shopping mall). The beautician, Rolls (Angela Tong) has a hunch that it was Woody and Bee that attacked her so she and her friend Jelly decides to treat the fella’s to some Saki and see if they could coax and answer out of both of them. During this period the festering corps in the boot of the car has been brought back to life and has feasted on a security guard passing on this virus bringing the dead back to life. There Zombies Baby! Review: It the past three and half years that I’ve been watching asian movies, I’m sure I’ve never seen a Hong Kong zombie flick. When purchasing a bunch of Wilson Yip movie’s I noticed that he directed to Bio-Zombie, further researched showed that this film had quiet a fan following, rated his second most popular film compared to Sha Po Lang. How could I say no? When watching the film I was expecting it to be a low budget B-Movie gory zombie flick and hey I wasn’t wrong. Jordan Chan and Sam Lee both showed good on screen chemistry in their troubled friendship. Angela Tong also seemed capable of being a decent female lead even with the strange name ‘Rolls’. Another side story is of the ‘sushi boy’, Loi (Emotion Cheung) who works in the sushi bar lusts for Rolls, but finds himself being heckled by Woody. But he soon becomes a Zombie, but he turns out to be one of these ‘Zombies with a heart’, where he saves the leading lady and sacrifices himself to save to the others, Aww isn’t that sweet. There is also the story of the bastard second hand phone guy aka Kui. Kui is basically a pain in the backside and a wimp when under pressure he throws his own with to the zombies to save himself. As you can expect people like him don’t last long in a Zombie flick. Notable guest appearances are made from Frankie Chin playing a ‘muscular security guard’ from Hakkin called Ox. Lam Suet also makes a cameo appearance as a police officer. The film does sort of drag at certain points, I was sort of surprised at the bad ending. Now this here is pretty much a spoiler so if you haven’t seen the movie please ignore this paragraph. When Woody and Rolls makes out of the shopping mall and to a gas station, Woody finds out about the contaminated drink, before he could warn Roll’s she’s just finished having a drink from the infected bottle. Now I thought this was a great twist, now Woody would have to kill Rolls, but instead he just sits down beside her and has a drink as well, Woody just gives up. Then it end’s, what a let down. There is also the alternative ending to the movie where Woody is killed by Rolls at the end, but that ending isn't really any better. Okay back to the review, I did find the game spoof’s quite amusing, obviously spoofing the shoot’em game ‘House of the Dead’, in-which both Woody and Bee are playing in store that night. Plus seeing Jordan Chan drilling into a zombie’s skull is also fun. I’ve realized that this movie has had a great cult following by the Zombie Horror fans throughout the world, which is probably the reason it was voted so highly and maybe why it seemed to be a bit of a let down to me. Overall decent movie, worth a watch and it might give you second thoughts on drinking Lucazade.
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