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Ah Sou (2005)

Plot: Triad Gang Boss – Gent (Eric Tsang) and his three buddies, Whacko (Anthony Wong), Chance (Simon Yam) and Buddy (Alex Fong). Gent is confronted by a dying man – Shade (Dick Liu), he had foolishly killed the husband of gang boss – Nova (Karena Lam), in retaliation Nova has killed off all of his family, except from his young daughter – Phoebe. Shade pleas for Gent to take Phoebe as his own, saving her from Nova.

Gent agrees and warns Nova that when Phoebe is 18, he will marry her and Nova mustn’t dare attempt to kill his future wife, or else!

Fast forward ten years, Phoebe (Annie Lui) has returned from studying in USA with her personal bodyguard Pilot (Liu Yu). She’s developed a close father/daughter bond with Gent and treats Whacko and the rest as uncles. After some unfortunate circumstances she finds herself taking over the triads from Gent and with Nova returning to the scene, things can only get worse…

Review: Wong Ching-Po delivers a mediocre triad drama which being compared to his past success with Jiang Hu. Unfortunately I’ve yet to see Jiang Hu, so I can’t compare and say “Which is the better movie”, but just going out on a limb here, I’d think Jiang Hu is. Uh-Oh!

When looking at the cast of this movie it couldn’t’t be better, veterans Simon Yam, Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Alex Fong and Yuen Wah! Heck I thought “Bring it on!” When watching you can tell right away the delectable Karena Lam is wrong for the role of Nova. Her role should have been at least a good 5-10 years older, maybe a disgruntled Sandra Ng would have fitted the role.

I think the film doesn’t have impact that it wanted to make. It tries to shock the audience by throwing in several twists, but none surprised me. The giant car crash sequence was almost silly, at least a dozen cars crash and yet it seems everyone was fine, only if.

Final thoughts, Ching-Po’s triad-drama is pretty hollow unfortunately, but I’ve seen worse. Enjoy!

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