S1E10: Marston’s Special- A Trio of Great British Ales

We’re a perfect 10, but we wear a 12…well, I’m more in between a 14 and a 16 at the moment but please don’t judge, my Mom said it’s just a growth spurt. Coffee will stunt your growth, but excess ale consumption will stretch your girdle. And I have prom coming up !

Yes, the season finale has arrived but do not fear- we’ll be back to terrorize the living with an insatiable lust for human flesh in the new year, just leave us dead and buried ’til then OK ? And no, do not donate my body to medical science, not after that Bunsen burner incident in Year 8…marshmallow use in Biology is deeply frowned upon apparently. And bringing your own kindling.

Up tonight: A tasty trilogy from magnificent Marston’s, one of Britain’s primo producers. A treat for hungry booze hounds- Pedigree Amber Ale, we got an ETA on their EPA (right about now) and Wainwright, a golden oldie but a goodie. Cheers!

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