S3E2: Oktoberfest Special- Waldhaus Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager

I got Pils, they’re multiplying ! But not to worry…it’s nothing a spot of Anusol won’t clear up. Oktoberfest is upon us and it’s time to celebrate so join the gents for our Deutschland Double Deuce and don’t ask Zwei !

Up tonight: It’s nice to frolic in fields without fences but we’d rather wonder through a Waldhaus (I work better with physical boundaries established) and sample their Low Alcohol Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager. Cheers!

S3E1: McEwan’s Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer

We’re back ! Yes, the lads have returned and for our season premiere will be indulging in some very whisky business indeed. You heard right, this evening we’ll be getting seriously Scotch so remember to set the VCR- this is one you’re going to want to tape ! (C’mon, it wasn’t that bad…you should of heard my butter joke)

Up tonight: It’s the return of the Mac ! We dive deeper into Mighty McEwan’s back catalogue and take a look at their Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer. Cheers!

The Lager Logs Anniversary Special: The World’s End Commentary

Party hats…check. Balloons…check. 2 befuddled Brits and 1 sober Swede…double check. Christ, this is the longest game of chess I’ve ever witnessed…can we go back to playing Buckaroo ? Ladies and Gents, tonight we’ll be commemorating 1 whole year of the Logs and who would’ve thunk it eh ? Not my dietitian that’s for sure. I’ll start that juice cleanse first thing tomorrow. I promise.

Up tonight: Come for the ale but stay for the apocalypse! Tonight we celebrate our first birthday with a film commentary on comedy classic The World’s End with special guest (beer) Kenny B of Podcast On Fire. Cheers!

S2E10: Wee Jock 80 Shilling and Old Peculier Old Ale

It’s over ! Season 2 of The Lager Logs has come to a close and it’s time to clear out our desk drawers, take that browning spider plant home and finally pluck up the courage to send the boss those photocopied prints of our good side. Yes, it’s out with the old and in with the new as we celebrate our termination this evening with an intergenerational duet of astounding ales to put Bowie & Crosby to shame…

Up tonight: Too many cooks may spoil the Broughton but the proof is in the sud-ding as we taste test Wee Jock 80 Shilling and I hope we J’aime Theakston (Live & Kicking was a great show, really underrated) as Old Peculier looks chuffing lovely too. Cheers!

S2E9: Banks’s Mild & Hawkshead Red Ale

Anglo-ales assemble ! Yes ma’am, it’s God save the cream with some hand-picked top English crop for tonight’s midnight ramble as we barely make it through the barley once again. You’re guaranteed spills, chills and…power drills ? Shit, we took a shortcut though the construction site again ? I’m sooo grounded.

Up tonight: We’re here to make a withdrawal (although my symptoms don’t usually start until morning) with bostin’ Banks’s Mild and normally we drink tou-cans ‘ear but we’ll settle for hawks-head this evening and rate their Red Ale. Cheers!

S2E8: Blue Moon Belgian White and Gold Label Barley Wine

The night is still young but the beer is matured, so wander with us into the witching hour in search of more wheat ale-willies ! Things may get hairy as we flirt with a full moon but rest assured, we’re dealing with more of a wine than a howl this evening…

Up tonight: We get seriously silly at the In-citrus games and flash the crowd with a Blue Moony Belgian White, but not before taking home the gold label for our record-breaking bolt to their barmy Barley Wine. Cheers !

S2E7: McEwan’s Export and Bacchus Cherry Beer

It’s match time once again and Lager Logs FC are hitting the pitch with an export-heavy lineup to put even China to shame. Yes, a couple of ailing Scots and a pair of krieky Belgians make our pissed up pour pour two tonight and someone is certainly going to be sent off…what can I say ? The United Nations Senior Sunday League is a dirty game.

Up tonight: We’re most definitely lovin’ it as we tuck into another mighty malty meal with Big MacEwan’s Export and then go roman aimlessly in search of a tenacious trio: agriculture, wine and fertility (I suppose one out of three ain’t bad)…it’s bounteous Baccus’s Cherry Beer. Cheers!

S2E6: Hobgoblin Gold and Leffe Blonde Belgian Ale

Come on down to the Pints of View pond as our golden goose lays another podcast-shaped egg ! I hope it’s one of those chocolate ones, they’re nice. I don’t mind a standard yolk and white number but I feel it’s more something to have on the side rather than a main dish you know ? Like, it’s not what you eat an English breakfast for right ?…What were we talking about again ? Podcasts ? I dunno, I think peas should be able to marry who they want.

Up tonight: Pass the tissues as Wychwood move into Midas mode and we get touched by their Hobgoblin Gold. Shortly after, the sob-fest sustains as we open our Leffers from home (so nice of our Moms to write) and get blitzed by their Blonde Belgian Ale. Cheers!

S2E5: Manns Brown Ale and Diceman Stout

Time to take that right hand road again as we’re goin’ to Brownsville to pick up a couple of ebony beauties. I know it looks a little dicey but if you blow mine, we’re guaranteed snake eyes…although I should really stop partaking in exotic food bets at the zoo.

Up tonight: The lads share a macho moment with Manns Brown Ale and then sample a scholarly stout that’s definitely honour roll- it’s Wychwood’s Diceman. Cheers!

S2E4: Joker IPA and Old Jock Scotch Ale

Four pours and seven months ago, the lads with the logs (yikes, pass the bran flakes) set upon their epic beer journey to bring joy and laughter to the inebriated masses. They failed, but are more than happy to settle for mild cheer and a hesitant smirk. No ? Would complete indifference and a blank expression be too much to ask for ? Hello ? Is this thing on ?

Up tonight: Jokers are indeed wild as we tuck into Williams Bros.’s Joker IPA. After that, we jog a geriatric athlete ’round the track with Broughton Ale’s Old Jock Scotch Ale. Cheers!