Beer Review – Aquila IPA (7.0% ABV)

Tom and Stew review beer brewed by the BEER MASTER himself – Mike Garrett! Mike is the head brewer over at BREWHOUSE 12 (@brewhouse_twelve) and he was nice enough to send us some samples of his IPA; Aquila 7.0% ABV.

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Brewhouse Twelve:
Mikes Interview on The Lager Logs Podcast:

S4E6: Easter Special- Sweet Temptation Chocolate Caramel Stout and Cocoa Wonderland Chocolate Porter

Pass those P45’s to the Pints of View posse ! Sadly, unemployment is imminent as we call it a wrap on another breath-taking bundle of beer bonhomie and by my count, we’ve somehow made our way through a whole Four Seasons (impressively, that’s just enough to rival Vivaldi’s year-long rampage at that luxury hotel).

Up tonight: While on Vocation to Brew York we succumb to Sweet Temptation (they told me 42nd street had been cleaned up ??) but we just can’t seen to remove the Thorn-bridge from our side…it’s time to cut out Cocoa Wonderland. Cheers !

S4E5: Stones Bitter and Northern Monk’s Transient + Interview with The Crumby Beard

It’s grim up North…cripes, now I know why Santa stays in 364 days a year. But alas, we return to Merrie England this evening to pulverise some polyamorous pints as we rub shoulders (and rhubarbs) with The Crumby Beard ! And lemme tell you, there was some serious vegetation on parade at THIS county fair (we really need to trade manscaping tips off-air)

Up tonight: Sticks and names may break my bones but Stones will never hurt me (as long as I don’t touch that 8th can) then we struggle to keep a tight hold of the Leeds whilst the mad Monk’s Transient drags us into the bushes…this dog walking gig is a real drag. Cheers !

S4E4: Stout Jock Imperial Barrel Aged and Interview with David McGowan

We shoot, we score…with another all-Scots lineup to rival Leeds United’s 1975 European Cup Final Squad (What’s that you say ? You DON’T get that reference ? Screw you…My Dad did.) With such a magnificent match on our hands, it all seems very likely to end in a braw when the thistle blows.

Up tonight: We Twist and Stout and work it on out with our persuasive pal Jock and then your favourite old dogs are Brought a new trick…we catch up with the deific and divine David McGowan (his turning water into ale manoeuvre has to be seen to be beer-lieved) Cheers !

S4E3: Vault City Iron Brew Sour and Interview with Geoff from the Brewgooders

What a bunch of tossers ! Yes, it’s time to join your favourite lagered-up laggers for another game of hop-Scotch as we skip through a Caledonian combination of craft beer and cross-examination ! What have we done to deserve this you say ? I dunno, but next time I hope to get off Scot-free…

Up tonight: We add a little orange to the blue and white (ONE of your five-a-day ain’t bad I suppose) with Vault City’s Iron Brew Sour and then we completely forget to discuss his tea-making skills, it’s Geoff from the Brewgooders. Cheers !