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Tag: Shawn Yue

The Director’s Series 27: Ringo Lam FINALE – Wild City

We welcome back Ringo Lam to the directing chair, he goes into the beating heart of the city, mixing Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the result is yet another Louis Koo vehicle, the chase for a girl, and a bag of cash. This is the closing episode of The Director’s Series on Ringo Lam, and we do so with our review of Wild City. With Kenny B and Tom K-W.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Wild City production background
32m 05s – Wild City review
59m 54s – Quick-Take: Sky On Fire

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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 35: Wong Chun & Eric Tsang interview

Available here in audio as well as written form here, in this bonus episode (in collaboration with the Unseen Films blog) you’ll find an interview with Wong Chun (director of Mad World) and actor Eric Tsang recorded on July 12th at the New York Asian Film Festival.

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Wong Chun & Eric Tsang interview

The below interview is also accompanied by a bonus episode available here. I recently did a little collaboration with the Unseen Films blog ( as site writer Steve Kopian was going to get a chance to interview actor and filmmaker Eric Tsang at the 2017 New York Asian Film Festival. Eric was there to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the festival and Steve interviewed not only Eric but also the director of Mad World Wong Chun (starring Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang). Lovehkfilm said of Mad World:

“Remarkably sensitive and restrained look at a bi-polar-suffering Hong Konger from first time feature director Wong Chun. Shawn Yue is very effective in the lead role, though Eric Tsang outshines him as his caring father. One of Hong Kong Cinema’s more surprising and worthy films in 2016. A remarkably sensitive look at mental illness in Hong Kong.”

So along with translator Frank Djeng and Jared King, Steve sat down with the director and actor to talk Mad World, dramatic acting and how this fits into Eric’s career as a whole. I was asked to contribute a few questions and Unseen Films were kind enough to let us use the audio as a compliment to this transcribed interview both available on Podcast On Fire and Unseen Films. Thank you again to Steve and Jared for letting me submit some personal questions as a fan and as a fan of people evolving their craft as either veterans or newcomers. Also a big thanks to Emma Griffith and Subway Cinema for setting up the sessions, John DiBello for the final edit of the interview and also director Wong Chun and Eric Tsang for taking the time. Read More

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 31: Members Only Archive Dusted #10

Consisting of outtakes and deleted material (previously only available to forum members) out of Podcast On Fire 32, 35 (available in the Cast From The Past archive) and 36 (available here) from 2008 with Stoo, Kenny B and Mike Banner. This collection feature tangents and outtakes concerning last movies watched (including Kiki’s Delivery Service and several Shawn Yue movies), Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and condoms included with dvd-purchases.

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Podcast On Fire 216: Duel To The Death & Infernal Affairs II


We go back to 1983’s Duel To The Death where director Ching Siu-tung shows us fun with swords, ninjas, gore and maturity mixed into all of it?! Another crew that goes back is the Infernal Affairs-one. Expanding the legend and the theme of continuous hell, Infernal Affairs II takes our moles, cops and gangsters back to 1991. With Kenny B and Phil G.

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Invisible Target (2007)

Invisible Target revolves around three police officers whose lives are changed forever when a group of deadly thieves blow up and rob an armour truck.

Detective Chan Chun (Nicholas Tse) looses his fiancée in eruption of explosions from the hiest. Six months on Chan Chun still mourns his lose and has became a reckless cop who risks his life at the drop of a hat. Carson Fong (Shawn Yue) is a cold badass cop who is taken down a peg when him and his group a torn apart by truck robbers. Junior Officer Wai King Ho (Jaycee Chan) lives in the shadow of his brother who has been missing and seems to be some how related to the deadly group dubbed “The Ronin”. Read More

“Invisible Target” kicking the UK’s Ass in August!

August 2nd is bringing us a blockbuster dose of Hong Kong Action Cinema. From director Benny Chan comes the exciting thrill ride of high kicks and broken glass in the form of; Invisible Target.

Starring; Nicolas Tse, Shawn Yue, Jaycee Chan and the deadly Wu Jing. Dragon Dynasty via Cine-Asia once again have the UK market by the knackers! At this time no extras have been published, but if this is following suit the original Dragon Dynasty, we should expect the DVD and the Blu-Ray to contain; Audio Commentary by Bey Logan, The Making Of Invisible Target, Trailers, loads of Interviews and plus plenty behind-the-scenes footage!

Check out the Cine-Asia trailer for this release over at YouTube.