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Tag: action

The Director’s Series 40: Johnny Wang FINALE – Escape From Brothel

Johnny Wang turns to pornography. Not because the career was in shambles but he takes his brutality to the Category III classification, and ESSENTIALLY makes his last film. More on that later. With Kenny B and Tom K-W. Read More

What’s Korean Cinema? 63 – Badland Hunters, The Chaser & Exhuma

Kenny B and Paul Quinn discuss a trio of recent Korean films that can be found on streaming or digital, on blu ray, and on the cinema screens: Badland Hunters, The Chaser and Exhuma. Read More

Podcast On Fire 341: The Big Heat

The combined efforts of Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and Fatal Termination’s Andrew Kam gives us what is possibly the goriest gunplay film of its time: 1988’s The Big Heat. With Kenny B and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 58: The Moon Warriors

(Previously published exclusively on the website, this episode is now available in the podcast feed).

It turns out the duo of Mabel Cheung and Alex Law wrote and directed parts of Sammo Hung’s 1992 Wuxia movie The Moon Warriors. It’s not as odd and scandalous as it sounds. Kenny B and Tom K-W break it down for you.

Podcast On Fire 340: Bodyguards And Assassins

Donnie and the gang protect Sun Yat Sen and director Teddy Chen goes through (development) hell trying to get Bodyguards And Assassins made. With Kenny and Phil G. Read More

Podcast On Fire 339: 2023 Christmas Special

2023 is coming to a close and the network boys and The Lager Logs gather for the annual Trivia Night. Real time Hallmark fact checking included. Read More