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Podcast On Fire 326: The Iron Fisted Monk & Carry On Pickpocket

After setting a tone for martial arts choreography in the 70s, Sammo Hung continued to do so as a director and it starts with 1977’s The Iron Fisted Monk.  We then jump forward to 1982’s Carry On Pickpocket and into the modern age where Sammo’s stamp on action finds its place. With Kenny B and one half of The Lager Logs, our dear friend and creator of the Podcast On Fire Network, Stewart Sutherland.

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Music courtesy of Brian Kirby.

Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/background.
32m 35s – The Iron Fisted Monk review.
66m 21s – Carry On Pickpocket background.
79m 57s – Carry On Pickpocket review.

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