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The Mission (1999)


When crime lord Mr. Lung’s (Eddy Ko) life is put under threat when he is nearly assassinated. Mr. Lung’s younger brother, Frank (Simon Yam) hires a a group of well respected triads to become Mr. Lung’s new bodyguards.

First of all there is Curtis (Anthony Wong), a stylish barber nicked named The Ice for being a cold hearted killer. Roy (Francis Ng) a bar owner who is well respected in his area, he’s also brought Shin (Jackie Lui). Shin is an obvious rookie, being too chatty and he also seems to be the youngest member of the crew.

Another member is the mister peanut eating James (Lam Suet), seriously James spends at least two thirds of his entire screen time eating peanuts. When he’s not eating nuts, he’s the guns expert of the group. Last but not least is Mike (Roy Cheung) a car valet, who is also quite skilled when it comes to fire arms.

Now Frank pays the group to guard Lung and assassinate his killers if they try to kill him. Will the Mission be a success?

A snazzy action thriller with some cool shootouts with the entire cast acting to their full potential. Anthony Wong was great, he pulled off the the cold hearted Killer role perfectly. Francis Ng was equally impressive, he’s acting skills were believable which reminded me of his performance in 2003’s Infernal Affairs 2.

Jackie Lui, who the hell is this guy!? sorry for offending his fans, but Im glad he wasn’t a let down to the film. Roy Cheung was enjoyable as usual sporting his usual long hair do and his acting charm. Lam Suet played his role well, although his character did seem at tad quite, maybe it was because of all the peanuts he was eating.

The film was cool and has a excellent theme tune, although for the people who buy the Mei Ah DVD release, I’d like to point out a picture quality error. In the opening credits scenes, the words ‘Distributed by International Films Enterprise Ltd.’. After that scene fads the words are left with a faint out which actually slightly slightly visible for the entire running time of the film. Another note the Mei Ah release has considerably bad picture quality. But All and All Great Film!

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