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Tag: Chor Yuen

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 36: Members Only Archive Dusted #14

Consisting of outtakes and deleted material (previously only available to forum members) out of Podcast On Fire 47, 48 and 49 with Stoo, Kenny B, Mike Banner and Adam Torel of Third Window Films from 2009, this collection feature tangents and outtakes concerning then current release news from CineAsia, Drunken Master II, awards season, annoying comedy-actors, classic Korean cinema such as JSA, how Ken got burned by an ebay seller and we weigh in (probably yet again) on the Edison Chen photo-scandal.

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This Week In Sleaze 30: Tightie Whitie Theatre – Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan & Lust For Love Of A Chinese Courtesan


Let’s talk some high class fucking! Meaning we turn to the more explicit, sleazier side of the big studio Shaw Brothers but they were not all about the kung fu and swordplay. Oh, from The Knight Of Knights (covered on This Week In Sleaze 5) and onwards, erotica trickled its way into these classy, gorgeous period epics that could also feature swordplay and gore. That’s where we find Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan from director Chor Yuen. We’ll be talking of that as well as the Chor Yuen directed remake from 1984 called Lust For Love Of A Chinese Courtesan.

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Police Story (1985)


Plot: Jackie plays a Hong Kong cop who is as hard as rock. He is assigned along with other cops to arrest a major drug dealer and even in the first 5 minutes you will be glued. Jackie arrests the dealer although he has a good lawyer and walks free. Then the evil drug dealer sets out to take some bloodthirsty revenge on Jackie. Cue Martial Arts Mayhem! Jackie is being framed with the murder of another policeman and while trying to prove is innocence has to go beyond the law to bring the criminal to justice. Read More