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Police Story (1985)


Plot: Jackie plays a Hong Kong cop who is as hard as rock. He is assigned along with other cops to arrest a major drug dealer and even in the first 5 minutes you will be glued. Jackie arrests the dealer although he has a good lawyer and walks free. Then the evil drug dealer sets out to take some bloodthirsty revenge on Jackie. Cue Martial Arts Mayhem! Jackie is being framed with the murder of another policeman and while trying to prove is innocence has to go beyond the law to bring the criminal to justice.

Personal Thought: This film is a classic! It has the best fights of all time, and dazzling stunts that will leave you breathless. Police Story probably ranks among the top 10 HK films of all time. Maybe even the top 5? Whatever it compares to other films Police Story is in a league of it’s own. In the Top 100 greatest moments of HKC of all time Police Story must have the most. After you have watched it you will understand what I mean. The film uses a lot of glass especially near to the end and so many stuntmen were sent to hospital for glass injuries that the crew dubbed it ‘Glass Story’.

After Jackie’s work on another US movie (The Protector) Jackie was itching to express his ideas to an audience who appreciate it. In Police Story, Jackie showed of some of his best action choreography work as well, having up to 6 different action directors helping throughout. Many version of Police Story have circulated through the world showing different photo, behind the scenes, different angles and even deleted footage of Kim’s (played by Mars) Birthday celebration.

The main verbal enemy ‘Chu Tu’ (played by veteran Actor / Director Chor Yuen) had all his plans spoiled when Ka-Kui mange’s to stop him from escaping from the moving double Decker bus. Although the drug smuggler Chu gets away, with help from a very good lawyer. Now terrorizing Ka-Kui from every direction although he mange’s to frame Ka-Kui with murder. and its all down hill from there.

Another good point to mention is Danny Koo, played by Fung Hakk On. Hakk On getting some good screen time as the main battling villain towards the end of the movie. Kai-Ku and Koo show off a impressive fight through out a small shopping mall. The final scenes are well put together, showing some excellent stunts throughout. And what a way to finish it…

The Pole slide to me was a significant mark on Hong Kong Cinema for me. Police Story being a first for me and more likely a best! Seeing Jackie jumping down that poll from 3 or more different angles was it! it was a beginning of a bright and powerful career for Jackie. Truly on of his best stunts in my opinion.

This film being the first proper Hong Kong movie I’ve seen, I loved it from the beginning right until the closing scenes. Police Story is the real McCoy when it comes to a Hong Kong Cops and Robbers movie. With some exceptional fight scenes. Along with great stunts too. Police Story should be a favorite for all fans of Hong Kong Cinema and even people who don’t watch Hong Kong films!

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