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Fist of Legend (1994)

Budding martial artist, Chen Zen (Jet Li) returns to Shanghai after hearing the news that his teacher died. His teacher died in a challenge match against a Japanese Solider, Akutagawa Ryuichi. After returning to the Jing Wu School (which was ran by his teacher) and finding out the whole story from Hou (Chin Siu-Ho), Chen goes to challenge Akutagawa himself. Upon his arrival at the Japanese School, Chen starts brawling with the students training after they refuse him to see Akutagawa. After single handedly defeating the students, Chen is confronted by Akutagawa and Chen soon defeats him easily. Chen couldn't believe that his Master would have lost to someone obviously weaker than him, Chen questions that he could have been poisoned. Chen digs up the body of his master has a doctor perform an autopsy on him. The tests soon show that his master was poisoned. Now Chen must find out who poisoned his master and why... Chen is also dating a women in this film, to make things worse she is Japanese and Chens family at Jing Wu aren't happy to see her. His girlfriend, Mitsuko Yamada (Shinobu Nakayama) is the niece of Funakochi Fumio (Yasuaki Kurata). Funakochi is friends with the twisted general Fujita, although he highly against the believes of the general. Now to the facts, most of you should know this is a remake of Lo Wei's Fist Of Fury, which starred the fighting legend, Bruce Lee. This time Jet Li has taken the role from Bruce. So who's better? Bruce or Jet? for some reason I felt that Jet Li's character had more impact although Bruce created 'Chen Zen'. Plus adding Yaksuaki Kurata to the movie was a great idea, I really enjoyed his performance, his battle with Jet was fabulous and memorably. The Action was very hard hitting making use of one feature which isn't used very often, dislocation. In Jets opening scenes he is fighting off a group of unruly Japanese students. He manages to dislocate, ankles, jaws, shoulders, arms etc. This is very new, I still haven't seen such films where this is used regularly. Now the battles are great, Jet Li vs. Chin Siu Ho, Jet Li vs. Yaksuaki Kurata & Jet Li vs. Billy Chow!! Final thoughts. A ground breaking Jet Li flick, although Miramax have been known to for changes the film, with extensive change in the dialogue, the music and I think five minutes have been cut out too. So all I want to see now is the actual Hong Kong Release of Fist of Legend!!!

97 Aces Go Places (1997)

Plot (Universe): Man Ling (Christy Chung) conned two million dollars from Big Brother Lui (Francis Ng) in a dirty deal. Lui then ordered to have Ling killed. Ling escaped from the fight. Meanwhile, Philag (Alan Tam) was a kind and righteous student studying law in the States. He was expected to help his father to do illegal business. His father was killed during a transaction which also involved Ling. Philag needed to go back to Hong Kong to tend to his father's business and root out the murderer. Review: The first thing you notice about this movie is that it has sweet f*ck all to do with the Aces Go Places series. There is no Karl Maka, no Sam Hui and no Sylvia Chiang. The only thing that appearances in this movie is the "Aces" theme tune. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai appears in the film as the Drunken Shooter, a highly skilled shooter who is always wasted. Tony plays the character very well, he's great! The film would have suffered a lot more without his appearance. Tony's amazing shooting skills only seem to appear when he's stone drunk. It's almost like a modern day version of the Drunken Master, instead of Kung Fu it's Gun Fu! Recently I found myself becoming a Francis Ng fan, but his work in this movie is just horrible, I hate his character. The same goes for both Simon Liu and Moses Chan, they are quite annoying. I had my fingers crossed that those two would be killed off early on, but no luck. Heck even the two musicians that accompany Ng everywhere get annoying. The action the in movie is quite good the fight outside the hotel with Christy Cheung as surprisingly better than I thought, Chin Kar-Lok and his crew have done quite well. The little spar between Billy Chow and Christy Cheung is really good too, both move well. Cheung even takes a pretty nasty stunt, a 360 spin throw a sheet of glass, placed on a couple spare tires. Guest appearances; A long haired Chin Siu-Ho makes a quick cameo. Fung Lee, Peter Chan and Mang Hoi all make an appearance together at the start of the movie as the late father's triad buddy's. Vincent Kok and Dion Lam make appear as a bunch of henchmen after Christy Cheung. Chin Kar-Lok makes an appearance stunned by the fact that Francis Ng is taking a dump in the middle of the road, yes you heard me. Colin Chow and Timmy hung make appearances towards the end as members of the SWAT team. The lean, mean kicking machine Billy Chow appears from out of no-where towards the end and with only one objective - to kick some ass, mainly Tony Leung's. Final thoughts, fun film, but you'll be disappointed if you think it's a Aces movie. Enjoy!

Future Cops (1993)


Chan Tai-Hung (Dicky Cheung) is a lonely school student who is down on his luck at the moment. His sister Chun May (Chingmy Yau) is admired by most guys, whilst his mother is canoodling with her love interest, Richard (Richard Ng). One night Tai-Hung is confronted by three bizarre looking men, these men turn out to be 'The Future Cops'. A group of crime fighting heroes from the year 2043, sent to protect the young judge Yu Ti-Hung. Although Tai-Hung doesn't have a clue who he is. The FC are protecting Yu Ti-Hung from the dredged 'General' (Ken Lo). The General is on trial and is presumed to be executed if the Judge says. So the General has sent three of his trusty henchmen Kim (Ekin Cheng), Thai King (Billy Chow) and Toyoto (Ah Tuan) to 1993 to find the young Judge and plant a computer chip inside him. This chip will control Tai-Hung and will force him to change his decision, letting The General go free. Ti-Man (Andy Lau), Broom Man (Jacky Cheung) and Ah-Sing (Simon Yam) are more than ready to stop the evil trio from planting the chip, but at the same time they are sorting out Ti-Hungs life, turning him from zero to the high school hero...but it isn't that easy! This must be the craziest, weirdest and one of the most wild films I have ever seen. It runs similar lines to City Hunter (also directed by Wong Jing), the crazy real life Anime perspective. the film includes a flurry of crazy wire work, silly impressions, silly hair styles and a very green Richard Ng. I can tell right away why most of the audience will think of this as a big waste of time and talent, with bad jokes, silly acting and just plain zaniness (Yes that is a word). It also had to be the king of controversial movies, Wong Jing. The movie is obviously taking a million or more references to the popular video game "Street Fighter", with most of the characters dressed up as characters from the games. The sassy temptress Chingmy Yau rejoins Wong Jing in another skimpy dress which will keep her fans pleased. Aaron Kwok makes a guest appearances as the fourth Future Cop, but he only really shows up from the start till the end. Dennis Chan makes an appearance as the schools head master as well as Nat Chan who plays the schools commentator. We even get to see a young Andy Hui, sporting a rather amusing hair style. Well with this rough review, it should surely nudge you in the right direction to whether you'll like this film for not. Its your decision and your money. Enjoy!
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