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Future Cops (1993)


Chan Tai-Hung (Dicky Cheung) is a lonely school student who is down on his luck at the moment. His sister Chun May (Chingmy Yau) is admired by most guys, whilst his mother is canoodling with her love interest, Richard (Richard Ng).

One night Tai-Hung is confronted by three bizarre looking men, these men turn out to be ‘The Future Cops’. A group of crime fighting heroes from the year 2043, sent to protect the young judge Yu Ti-Hung. Although Tai-Hung doesn’t have a clue who he is. The FC are protecting Yu Ti-Hung from the dredged ‘General’ (Ken Lo). The General is on trial and is presumed to be executed if the Judge says.

So the General has sent three of his trusty henchmen Kim (Ekin Cheng), Thai King (Billy Chow) and Toyoto (Ah Tuan) to 1993 to find the young Judge and plant a computer chip inside him. This chip will control Tai-Hung and will force him to change his decision, letting The General go free.

Ti-Man (Andy Lau), Broom Man (Jacky Cheung) and Ah-Sing (Simon Yam) are more than ready to stop the evil trio from planting the chip, but at the same time they are sorting out Ti-Hungs life, turning him from zero to the high school hero…but it isn’t that easy!

This must be the craziest, weirdest and one of the most wild films I have ever seen. It runs similar lines to City Hunter (also directed by Wong Jing), the crazy real life Anime perspective. the film includes a flurry of crazy wire work, silly impressions, silly hair styles and a very green Richard Ng.

I can tell right away why most of the audience will think of this as a big waste of time and talent, with bad jokes, silly acting and just plain zaniness (Yes that is a word). It also had to be the king of controversial movies, Wong Jing. The movie is obviously taking a million or more references to the popular video game “Street Fighter”, with most of the characters dressed up as characters from the games.

The sassy temptress Chingmy Yau rejoins Wong Jing in another skimpy dress which will keep her fans pleased. Aaron Kwok makes a guest appearances as the fourth Future Cop, but he only really shows up from the start till the end. Dennis Chan makes an appearance as the schools head master as well as Nat Chan who plays the schools commentator. We even get to see a young Andy Hui, sporting a rather amusing hair style.

Well with this rough review, it should surely nudge you in the right direction to whether you’ll like this film for not. Its your decision and your money. Enjoy!

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