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The Director’s Series 25: Ringo Lam – Full Alert

Ringo Lam returns to Hong Kong after his Hollywood adventure in multi-nominated, cops and robbers style. Lau Ching-wan vs Francis Ng, the stage is set. This is The Director’s 25 on Ringo Lam’s Full Alert. With Kenny B and Tom K-W.

Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Quick-Takes: Replicant & Looking For Mr. Perfect
18m 00s – Ringo Lam interview excerpts and notes on Full Alert
25m 25s – Lau Ching-wan biography
35m 03s – Full Alert review

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Podcast On Fire 239: Drive

20 years ago, the best American produced Hong Kong action film was released. That movie is Steve Wang’s Drive from 1997 and as fans of Hong Kong cinema, it’s a delight to be talking of when other filmmakers, craftsmen and actors do the Hong Kong style well. With Kenny B and the creator of Podcast On Fire and the co-host of his very own podcast Films And Swearing: Stewart Sutherland.

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Podcast On Fire 128: Tom On Fire aka Handover to Blu?

After a well received trial run, Tom On Fire returns with Kenny B and Tom K-W discussing  Hong Kong cinema post-Handover and validness of home video format such as Blu Ray, dvd and laserdisc. Also included are network updates recapping this past week that included THREE podcasts including this one, fan mail, Tom’s views on Little Big Soldier, A Better Tomorrow 3 and more.

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97 Aces Go Places (1997)

Plot (Universe): Man Ling (Christy Chung) conned two million dollars from Big Brother Lui (Francis Ng) in a dirty deal. Lui then ordered to have Ling killed. Ling escaped from the fight.

Meanwhile, Philag (Alan Tam) was a kind and righteous student studying law in the States. He was expected to help his father to do illegal business. His father was killed during a transaction which also involved Ling. Philag needed to go back to Hong Kong to tend to his father’s business and root out the murderer. Read the rest of this entry »

Full Alert (1997)


Plot: Officer Pao (Lau Ching-Wan) is the average cop who is under stress investigating a murder case. The murder is a low life thug, Mak Kwan (Francis Ng), who admits to the crime. Although Kwan is planning more serious crimes with a mainland criminal (Jack Gao).

Officer Pao and other members of the police force (including Chin Kar-Lok) are on to Mak Kwans plan, after finding various bomb-making materials discovered in Kwans apartment. This leads to hail bullets and out of control car chases as Officer Pao risks his life and his family into catching Mak Kwan off guard.

Full Alert is a great modern day cat and mouse movie. Sean Lau (aka Lau Ching Wan) is a convincing police officer, like some of his past work in The Black Mask and more recently in the Running Out Of Time Series. Sean definitely gives it his all in this movie. Read the rest of this entry »

Legend of the Wolf (1997)

Hey another really old Stoo Review, bare with me.

The Plot: Donnie Yen plays Man Hin, He suffered from amnesia that he contracted while fighting with a group of bandits through the opening sequences. With only glimpses of his past as his guide, he seeks out a woman he once knew and must defend her and the local villagers from bandits with the help of local youth ‘Wai’.

Personal Thought: When I first received this movie through the post, I quickly put it in my DVD player and waited in anticipation to see Donnie Yen. Just after the opening fight sequences I was hit, I knew this film was great. I was then stunned with a good battle between Dayo Wong and two local farmers, yet it turned into an amazing fight sequence with Donnie Yen and a group of Ben Lam’s Bandits. The film soon develops into a tale of Man Hin looking for his lost love, Wu Yee played by Carman Lee. Also with the amazing battle royal with the villagers fighting against the bandits, led by Ben Lam. This film has taken Donnie Yen to higher level, but the film has a terrific twist in the end to do with Carman and Ben. He he he. And I must say no one else could the role of the bandit leader apart from Ben Lam!

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