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Podcast On Fire 125: Tom On Fire AKA Come On, Let’s Make Happy

The regular network updates and last movies watched quickly give way to a Tom K-W initiative…essentially a Tom On Fire section of Podcast On Fire and with Kenny B the discussion (bring your smoking jackets) is taken to place concerning subtitles for Hong Kong movies, distribution, reviewers, availability of movies, collecting mentality and the pro’s and con’s of today’s age of involving all of those aspects. Come On, Let’s Make Happy. Tits And Balls. Stay till the very end too, listeners.

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1 comment on “Podcast On Fire 125: Tom On Fire AKA Come On, Let’s Make Happy

  1. bdc says:

    Really enjoyable and FUN podcast! 😉

    I was a big fan of HK cinema in the early 90’s but somehow my interest dwindled…buying only a few titles on dvd over the years but at the end of last year I somehow got a second hand dvd of He Lives By Night (Mega Star?) for free at my local charity shop (where I work).
    Strange to have that come in over here in Belgium I thought (though there are some Chinese supermarkets over here in the bigger cities).
    I watched it (never watched the film before) and enjoyed it…somehow must have stimulated my “HK movie region of the brain” again and since then I’ve been buying loads of HK films again. 🙂

    I’m mainly into 80’s/90’s films btw.

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