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Tag: 1992

Podcast on Fire 109: Vampire Season #4 – Mr. Vampire 1992 & Vampire Vs. Vampire (1989)

Welcome back to Vampire Season and we pick up at a point where the series started go stale as we examine Mr. Vampire (YAAAAYYY!)…1992 (BOOO!) Stoo and Ken handle the first half where Stoo also chimes in with his views on 3D Sex And Zen while Tom and David contribute their thoughts on Lam Ching-ying’s directorial debut Vampire Vs. Vampire in the second half. There will be dislikes.

Also remember to check out the Bonus Episode #1 featuring the review of Magic Cop. It’s referenced as a Members Only extra in the first half of the show but it’ll be the debut of the bonus episode format.

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Running times:
00m 00s – Intro/Mr. Vampire 1992 review
53m 10s Vampire Vs. Vampire review

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Moon Warriors (1992)

Fei (Andy Lau) is a young fisherman, who helps a group of fugitives in a fight. After returning to his village, Fei finds out that these fugitives are actually the King Yen (Kenny Bee) and a small group of his most loyal servants. The King explains that his evil brother the ’14th Prince’ (Kelivin Wong) is trying to kill him and take the throne as king. Read More

Fight Back to School 2 (1992)


Plot: Months after his last months firearms case (aka Fight Back To School 1) Sing (Stephen Chow) and Tat (Ng Man-Tat) are given the choice of where to work. Tat chooses the hardest unit – Regional Crime Unit. Sing laughs saying “If you do Regional Crime Unit, I’ll go to the Transport Unit!”. Yes, you’ve guessed it Sing becomes a Traffic Cop.

The reason why Tat is taking these risks is to impress his new boss, (Miss) Inspector Wong (Deannie Yip), strangely enough Inspector Wong is head over heals for Tat! Crazy Aint it?

Now when random British schools are blown up the police have they’re suspicion that the terrorists are coming to Hong Kong. The Police believe that the target is the ‘Adam Smith Intercontinental School’. The police want to send Tat in as an undercover with some officers to keep a look out.

As for Sing….they are transferring him to Tung Lung Island. Practically a deserted island where there is no traffic! Sing flips out and quits his job.

Now Sing signs up for lessons at the college along with some of his friends from Edinburgh College aka Turtle Wong and the crew! So Sing and the crew attend the college to look out for these terrorists. But now he is a rival to the cop’s. Tat is undercover as the Head of Discipline and cocky cop Mike (Michael Chow) is undercover as a football student.

As you can predict the Adam Smith School is the next target from these ruthless terrorists. Read More

Porco Rosso (1992)


Plot: Marco Rosso was an aviator during the war, but is now under a curse, giving him the facial features of a pig. Now known as ‘Porco’ Rosso, he lives the life of a Bounty Hunter, most spending his time chasing and humiliating the local Sea Pirates (who fly Sea-Planes).

Fed up with the antics of this flying pig. The Sea Pirates decide to hire Curtis, a famous American fighter pilot. His plan is to ruin the reputation of this Pig headed bounty hunter. When Marco is flying his plane to Milan for repairs, Curtis deliberately shoots down Marco’s. Taking refuge Marco manages to fool Curtis into believing that he’s slayed the mighty bounty hunter.

When arriving in Milan, he delivers the remainders of his plane to his favorite mechanic, Piccolo. When expecting Piccalo and his two sons to repair the plane, he is introduced to a feisty red head called Fio. Fio being a skilled mechanic, she insists on rebuilding Porco’s plane. Although hesitant Porco decides to let her fix his plane, but at the expense of Porco’s heckling. Read More

Pom Pom and Hot Hot (1992)


Plot: Hong Kong cops ‘Curry Chicken’ Chiang Li-Chi (Stephen Tung) and Chin Chian (Jacky Cheung) spend their time working on cases with their boss the virtuous Shooter Yin (Lam Ching-Ying). They are soon introduced to Chin’s cousins Chi Chiang and Chi Shu. Brother and Sister; Chiang and Shu have traveled from Canton coming over to visit, although they have just arrived in time for a big case.

Notorious Gangster Lau Tin-Hau a force to be reckoned with, especially with his highly skilled gun-slinging bodyguard. Curry and Chin are brought on the case to investigate the murder of Hau’s old boss. The murder takes place at a Gigolo night club called ‘Dream Boy Bar’, at first they attempt to go undercover as gigolos wanting a job at her nightclub.

The case becomes more difficult when more bodies appear in the wake of Hau and his hitman. With Curry, Chin and Yin’s colleagues loosing faith in them, they are sent on leave until the case blows over.

This isn’t going to stop the trio though. Read More