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Pom Pom and Hot Hot (1992)


Plot: Hong Kong cops ‘Curry Chicken’ Chiang Li-Chi (Stephen Tung) and Chin Chian (Jacky Cheung) spend their time working on cases with their boss the virtuous Shooter Yin (Lam Ching-Ying). They are soon introduced to Chin’s cousins Chi Chiang and Chi Shu. Brother and Sister; Chiang and Shu have traveled from Canton coming over to visit, although they have just arrived in time for a big case.

Notorious Gangster Lau Tin-Hau a force to be reckoned with, especially with his highly skilled gun-slinging bodyguard. Curry and Chin are brought on the case to investigate the murder of Hau’s old boss. The murder takes place at a Gigolo night club called ‘Dream Boy Bar’, at first they attempt to go undercover as gigolos wanting a job at her nightclub.

The case becomes more difficult when more bodies appear in the wake of Hau and his hitman. With Curry, Chin and Yin’s colleagues loosing faith in them, they are sent on leave until the case blows over.

This isn’t going to stop the trio though.

Review: Joe Cheung delivers us this buddy cop movie which is a little bit cheesy but some cool gun play action saves the day.

Now there is a couple sub-plots which I haven’t mention. There is the story between Chi Chiang and sister Shi. Chiang and Shi don’t get along as Chiang’s family rule is that Shi has to do all the hard work as a lesson of what to expect in life, this consists of her carrying their luggage, having her meals ordered for her, exercising a lot Although she usually ends up loosing her temper and punishes herself by head butting the wall. There is an amusing moment where Tung and Cheung stop her from head butting the walls by sacrificing themselves as padding again the walls.

There is also the sub-plot of the past relationship between Chi Chiang and Nancy. Nancy is the owner of the ‘Dream Boy Bar’ night club, it turns out that Nancy was actually from Canton too and had dated Chiang, but he couldn’t tell it was her from her new appearance.

Many people talk about the movies explosive ending where the late, great Lam Ching-Ying shows you on hell of a gun fight against the assassin. The sequence reminded me of John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow 2 where Chow Yun-Fat finds himself dueling with a slick assassin. Both sequence do kick ass though, it shows Lam Ching-Ying in a different light from the one eyed brow Taoist priest. Many of the officers loose faith in him as he fails to impress them when throws his bullets towards the gun barrel but ends up missing.

Guest appearances include a short appearance from Chan Chi-Fei as a triad and Guy Lai makes various appearances as Officer Chau.

Final thought, Good film, some bad comedy, but good action! Enjoy!

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