EP 171 – SCORSESE SEASON Finale – Taxi Driver (1976)

How do! We conclude our Scorsese Season with  a joint review on one of big Martys most acclaimed features; TAXI DRIVER. Starring Robert DeNiro, Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster and Harvey Keitel. » Read more

EP 166 – SCORSESE SEASON – Boxcar Bertha (1972) and Mean Streets (1973)

Alright folks! Welcome to the first instalment of our SCORSESE SEASON – in our new show format, each of us are reviewing different Scorsese films. In this podcast we cover the 1970s with BOXCAR BERTHA (1972) and MEAN STREETS (1973).

» Read more

EP 153 – Tarantino Month – Pulp Fiction (1994)

Last stop in our TARANTINO Month – the winner of our Runners Up Poll on Twitter: PULP FICTION (1994) was our winner. We talk briefly about the passing of Harry Dean Stanton and then we get ‘baws deep into PULP FICTION.

For Our Patreon audience (20 minutes extra), we talk about Baby Driver, Heist, Power Rangers amongst other films. There’s extra sound clips about Harry Dean Stanton, there is a few outtakes, what’s in that briefcase along with a length 1 Star Review! All for as little as $1, you will get full access to this and dozens of other extended episodes, Wrestling commentary, Patreon exclusive podcasts (*NEW* Death Note) = Over 12 hours of additional content. Simply visit our Patreon Page (they take paypal *thumbs up*).

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EP 150 – Tarantino Month – Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Welcome to Tarantino Month  – Stoo, Andy & Magic Mike start off with Reservoir Dogs (1992), prior to the film we pay respect to comedy legend Jerry Lewis and horror director Toby Hooper. » Read more

EP 125 – From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Stoo, Andy, Cousin Mike & Cousin Mikes Cat (!) settle around a table to discuss Robert Rodriguez’s cult classic; FI DUSK TI DAWN! Mike’s opening reaction sets the tone for the episode – look forward ti the funny.

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