FAS249 – Off Season – Lockdown Edition (Skyfall, Extraction)

Oi, Oi! Look who’s here then? Aye, me and Mikey got on Messenger and talked films for a few hours – fancy a listen then? We discuss what we’ve been up to since February, Oscar reactions, Covid-19, missing Cinemas and what we’ve been watching – AND MUCH MORE 😉

  • 00:28:40 – What have we been watching?
  • 01:05:00 – What have we’ve been buying?
  • 01:13:45 – What do we do for FAS250 / Films & Swearing Watch Along
  • 01:21:05 – Twitter Questions
  • 01:28:00 – Post Show Discussion (Video Games, WWE etc.)

FAS248 – The Oscar Predictions

Stoo and Magic Mike reunite to discuss the Super Bowl Trailers and cast our predictions on the 92nd Academy Awards.

FAS247 – Films of 2019

Stoo, Andy and Magic Mike blow the dust off of the microphones and discuss the Films of 2019. Cheers!