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Taiwan Noir 3: Wolf Devil Woman & The Lady Avenger

The need for revenge and the crazy/dizzying take center stage here at Taiwan Noir which also means the female directors of Taiwan cinema gets a chance to shine. Meaning Kenny B and John Charles review and discuss Pearl Cheung’s Wolf Devil Woman (1982) and Karen Yang Chia-yun’s The Lady Avenger (1981) while also adding some 3-D fun in the Last Taiwanese Movies Watched segment at the end of the show.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Pearl Cheung bio/discussion
29m 40s – Wolf Devil Woman review
60m 24s – Karen Yang Chia-yun bio/discussion
71m 46s – Liu Hsuiao-fen bio/discussion
80m 45s – The Lady Avenger review
107m 30s – Last Taiwanese Movies Watched

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2 comments on “Taiwan Noir 3: Wolf Devil Woman & The Lady Avenger

  1. Todd says:

    Nice job — and thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad you found my WDW review helpful. FYI, I recently did a two part podcast on Pearl with Tars from and Dave from the Soft Film blog (who, incidentally, provided a lot of the biographical information for that Teleport City review). You can find it at I guess Pearl Cheung Ling is in the air this month!

  2. Knetan says:

    Thank you so much for listening, really appreciate it! Have heard your part 1 so far and your work makes us pale in comparison, really astounding detail and I’m glad there finally is detail. And that Pearl is in the air.


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