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Two Fisted Podcast 1: Hong Kong Godfather

Ideal females The Ninjasquid and achillesgirl discuss Wang Lung Wei’s 1985 bloody triad film Hong Kong Godfather in the debut episode of Two Fisted Podcast! Highlights include Ninjasquid’s special recipe for the “Hong Kong Godfather” cocktail, a short pre-Shaw biography of Wang Lung Wei, his career, an hommage à Shum Wai, an email interview with Wayne Archer, and a “Learn Movie Cantonese!” segment with Frank Djeng (frankdjeng at ! Sex, violence and hilarity ensues. Also see the Hong Kong Godfather companion blogpost

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Show Links:
Hong Kong Godfather, Uncut End Fight
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3 comments on “Two Fisted Podcast 1: Hong Kong Godfather

  1. Clawlesstiger says:

    Awesome podcast!! Thanks for this! But, don’t know what you call this…but somehow, the “s” sound is too prominent…

  2. Jisong says:

    Great Podcast!!!

    I’m glad I’ve fund your podcast through “East Screen West Screen”.

    I don’t think i’ve ever heard such a extensive podcast on a single movie, yet learned so much about the genre and the local culture of the time period.

    As I was growing up, I haven’t really started watching HK cinema until the late 80’s, and have never even heard of HKG, so this was very informative.

    I just watched the film on Tudou over the last a couple night, and it sure bring back some memories. Now i see the origins of “Young & Danderous”!

    Thanks again, awesome!!!

  3. Amber says:

    Thanks so much Clawlesstiger and Jisong! We’ll try to figure out what’s making the “s” sound. I hope you enjoy the rest of the podcasts!

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