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Kamikaze Girls (2004)

Kyoko Fukada portrays the role of fashion obsessed day dreamer Momoko, when selling bootleg clothing to fund her fashion she meets Ichigo (played by Anna Tsuchiya), a biker chick with a hot temper, who resolves most problems / conversations with a swift head butt.

The girls form a unique friendship which takes them on exceptional journey that you could only expect from Japanese Cinema. Que the J-Pop!

I went into this movie with low expectations; to be honest I wasn’t all that keen to see either this movie or Memories of Matsuko because I was put off wacky Japanese comedies with Lala Pipo, thankfully the movies are quiet different. There is several occasions where I thought the movie got a little too over the top, but thinking back, this could be the movie reflecting back to it’s popular Manga series, penned by cult author Novala Takemoto.

Kyoko Fukada will be known to must people for her roles in The Ring 2 and Takeshi Kitanos “Dolls” and most recently for her role in the live action version of “Yatterman”. At the time of this movie Anna Tsuchiya was pretty unknown, Kamikaze Girls being her second role, her other credits to date don’t ring any bells to me other than her work with Tetsuya Nakashima.

A short, but sweet review, Kamikaze Girls was a pleasant viewing and highly recommended.

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