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Zatoichi (2003)


When the family of two children are ruthlessly slaughter by the ‘Kuchinawa’ gang, the two children run away, although with no food, money or a change of clothes they cant do much. The children were then be taken in by a old man, who turns out to be a child molester to O-Sei (a young boy), dressing him up in kimono’s and treating him like a girl. Although his sister, O-Kinu is treated like dirt.

After running away from the molester, O-Sei believes the only way for them to make a living is to sell his body to sleazy men. Although they now plan on revenge, revenge for their family. O-Sei learns to become a Geisha Girl, with O-Kinu providing music for O-Sei to dance to. Before the end of the song O-Kinu would slaughter their clients, hoping they are the members of the Kuchinawa Gang.

Now 10 Years later they are only 3 people left to kill, including the Kuchinawa Boss. Yet this night they comes across two men, one a blind masseur, called Zatoichi (Beat Takeshi) and a rather clumsy gambler, Shinkichi (Gadarukanaru Taka). Zatoichi soon figures out the Geishas plan and questions thier method?

O-Kinu (Yuuko Daike) explains their story to Zatoichi and Shinkichi, the two gentlemen agree to help…

This isn’t the only story. Gennosuke Hattori (Tadanobu Asano) is a skilled Ronin (A Master less Samurai) who is trying to make money to pay for treatment for his dying wife. With his only skills the only job suited for him is a Yojimbo! (Which is Japanese for Bodyguard). Gennosuke soon becomes the bodyguard of the Ginzo & Ogi group. Yes, sooner or later he does meet Zatoichi!

Ok, I’ll leave it there. Zatoichi is one of the most awesome Takeshi Kitano films to date! I seriously believe Kitano’s Directing skills is like a fine wine, it gets better with Age. We’ve seen him break grounds before with movies such as Hana-Bi & Brother.

Also The final dance!? Many people were confused about this, but I found it magical, such a powerful atmosphere was created. The dancing, the really excellent sound track as well. Zatoichi has become one of my top favourite Japanese films of ALL TIME! I was even more lucky to see it on the Big Screen too, amazing!

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