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Tag: Takeshi Kitano

Podcast On Fire 260: The Tyler & Ken Conversations Part 2

Tyler Miller and Kenny B conclude their chat. In this part we talk Shaw Brothers directors such as Lau Kar-Leung and Chang Cheh, there’s further origin stories for network shows such as What’s Korean Cinema? and This Week In Sleaze, Korean and sleazy recommendations and Tyler schools Ken on Japanese cinema.

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Podcast On Fire 253: 2017 Christmas Special

We close out 2017 with the return of the Podcast On Fire Network Virtual Pub Quiz! Reigning champion Kenny B is your Lord Quizmaster and the contestants are Tom K-W, Paul Fox (East Screen West Screen) and Todd Stadtman (author of Please Don’t Be Waiting For Me). The show is definitely not sponsored by Hallmark.

Podcast On Fire 104: Taiwanese Kids Outrage

Checking in with Tom Kent-Williams to see if he survived the unearthed horrors of The Audition Tapes and his debut on Commentary On Fire, him and Ken also go over Takeshi Kitano’s Outrage and fill up a Shit-list containing annoying kids… starting in Taiwan.

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Zatoichi (2003)


When the family of two children are ruthlessly slaughter by the ‘Kuchinawa’ gang, the two children run away, although with no food, money or a change of clothes they cant do much. The children were then be taken in by a old man, who turns out to be a child molester to O-Sei (a young boy), dressing him up in kimono’s and treating him like a girl. Although his sister, O-Kinu is treated like dirt.

After running away from the molester, O-Sei believes the only way for them to make a living is to sell his body to sleazy men. Although they now plan on revenge, revenge for their family. O-Sei learns to become a Geisha Girl, with O-Kinu providing music for O-Sei to dance to. Before the end of the song O-Kinu would slaughter their clients, hoping they are the members of the Kuchinawa Gang. Read More

Brother (2000)


With his life under threat, ageing Yakuza, Aniki Yamamoto (Beat Takeshi) escapes to Los Angeles in search of his young brother Ken. Ken is a small time drug dealer who is pushed around by the Mexicans, until he is reunited with Aniki. Aniki teams up with Ken and his friends and fellow gang member Denny (Omar Epps).

Soon Yamamoto finds himself back into his old routine playing gang wars with the Mexicans. After clearing out the Mexicans Yamamoto, Ken, Denny and some local Yakuza (including Susumu Terajima) end up coming against some of the deadliest players in the game, the mafia. Read More