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LOVEFiLM Player “Extra Time” is pretty cool!

LOVEFiLM is the United Kingdoms leading Online DVD/BR/Video Game rental service. They are now providing the luxury of watching over 4,000 of their movies online off their website for free for the next Fortnight (Unless your Unlimited Package subscriber) in aid of the World Cup! Yes, in a “Extra Time” special we’re given the chance to watch some great films online for free!

We’re given everything from the Infernal Affairs Trilogy, Thirst, Zatoichi and some early Wong Kar Wai!

I’ve looked through thier World Cinema section listed all the free movies (almost 50 flicks!) within this post; Read the rest of this entry »

Zatoichi (2003)


When the family of two children are ruthlessly slaughter by the ‘Kuchinawa’ gang, the two children run away, although with no food, money or a change of clothes they cant do much. The children were then be taken in by a old man, who turns out to be a child molester to O-Sei (a young boy), dressing him up in kimono’s and treating him like a girl. Although his sister, O-Kinu is treated like dirt.

After running away from the molester, O-Sei believes the only way for them to make a living is to sell his body to sleazy men. Although they now plan on revenge, revenge for their family. O-Sei learns to become a Geisha Girl, with O-Kinu providing music for O-Sei to dance to. Before the end of the song O-Kinu would slaughter their clients, hoping they are the members of the Kuchinawa Gang. Read the rest of this entry »

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