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Dragon Heat (2000)

The story of a friendship between a bald women and a man called Tomo-Chan (Eric Kot). The story focuses on the developing relationship between the leading actress and Tomo. As well as their past stories. That’s the plot.

Thoughts…the film pretty much blows. I feel that Eric Kot is attempting to make an Art House / Cult film. Although with the dialogue being repeated over and over becomes very boring and quite annoying. The picture quality also rapidly changes, it goes from normal, to black and white, to the quality of a pirate video, to just multi-changing colors.

Eric Kot must have pulled a few favors to get his lustrous guest appearances. For example, Ekin Cheng makes a cameo as some guy in a bathe house. who takes offence to Eric Kot, screen time of 10-15 seconds. Stephen Fung makes an appearance as a taylor who is smitten with the lead. The sassy girl Shu Qi also makes a short appearance as a customer of Stephen Fungs. Karen Mok makes a short appearance as well as a shop assistant who spends more time looking at her nails than watching people steal things from her store.

Even Jackie Chan is in the film, well for actually one second and im not even sure if he knows he’s being filmed! It looks like it was a charity gala of some sort and Jackie was just clapping his hands. Jacky Cheung and Vincent Kok were also credited as cast although I never saw them, plus I would doubt they would admit to being in it.

Most honest opinion on this movie is that its dull, annoying and boring. Stay clear, be lucky that the movie is rare!

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