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Young and Dangerous 3 (1996)


Oh Yes, a film the Y&D fans have been waiting for. In the first installment of the series we seen Chan Ho-Nam (Ekin Cheng) and his gang of merry men out smart the evil Kwan. In the sequel we see Chicken (Jordan Chan) get into all sorts of trouble in Taiwan. Now the third film of the series, Chan Ho Nam has become the branch leader of the Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. Although another group have opened a club right besides Ho Nams club…

This new group consists Camel, Tiger and Crow. Camel (Chan Wai-Man) is a reasonable fella and doesn’t want trouble from the Hung Hing group as he has been a good friend with Mr. Chiang (Simon Yam). Tiger (Chi Hung Ng who play Brother Bee in the first Y&D) seems to be rather rebellious, with his clean cut image and trendy glasses he seems to be a acceptable gang leader. Crow (Roy Cheung), now he is pure evil, through out the film you find him guilty of murder, gang rape, public shooting, blackmail and so on… Trust me when you see him go trigger happy in Holland it lets you know how sinister he is…

Now the Causeway Bay boys are all back…

Chicken has some funny moments in the film, with him rejoining Hing Hung, but he’s right at the beginning again, having to be a follower of Banana Skin (Jason Chu). He has even found a new love interest Shuk-Fan (Karen Mok), who is the daughter of THE LETHAL WEAPON! Yes our kick ass priest (Spencer Lam) is back and surprisingly enough has an army with him! Pou Pan (Jerry Lamb) is still in the group, although he seems to have gone soft…well he has always been soft but in this movie he seems to have a bad stammer instead of Smarty! Tin-Yee (Michael Tse) is back and he’s grown a goatee and got some muscles compared to the first film. He is still dating KK! And yes her big brother Tai Fai (Anthony Wong) is back too and loyal as ever. He even has a big decision to make when he is chosen to kill a member of the Hung Hing group!

Oh another positive part of the movie is Smarty (Gigi Lai) recovering from her coma. Yet she has gotten a case of amnesia. This gives Andrew Lau the chance revisit many memorable sets from the original Young and Dangerous. Including the Football pitch, the hills where they made Smarty eat Buns and Tin-Yee even recreated the scene where Smarty had stolen Ho-Nams car and tried to sell it back to him.

In conclusion Young and Dangerous III is a fine edition to its series. Having only seen the first three films, this film has kept me interested in the series and wanting to know more about the character and how they develop in further films…

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