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The Avenging Quartet (1993)


Plot (Wide Sight Entertainment): Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, Cynthia Yang, and Michiko Nishiwaki are the four butt-kicking girls-with-guns in this action-packed cult classic! Mainland China agent Chin (Yang) slips into Hong Kong in search of national treasure antiques suspected to have been smuggled into the island. Her investigation gets complicated when a Japanese spy (Oshima), her partner (Nishiwaki), and a mysterious woman (Lee) all want the antiques for themselves. With explosive firepower action and knockdown climactic fight featuring all four ladies, “The Avenging Quartet” is one femme fatale action thriller you can’t afford to miss!

Review: Four stunning beauty’s definitely forfill the category of “Girls with Guns” in this movie.

The movie as you can expect isn’t a masterpiece ranking up with such flicks as Yes Madam or the In the line of Duty films, but it certainly tries. We get random out bursts of Kung Fu action from the four leading ladies and Chin Kar-Lok as girl wooing Officer Paul, he mainly has his sights on set on Moon Lee, but she certainly puts up a fight.

Waise Lee makes various appearances throughout the film having past relations with Moon Lee and Cynthia Khan (credited as Cynthia Yang on this DVD). I must say Waise Lee is looking more and more like Shaw Legend and A Better Tomorrow star Ti Lung every time I see him, it must be the residing hairlines.

Michiko Nishiwaki plays the evil bitch you don’t wanna mess with, she’s after the valued painting, she has a quick spar with Japanese co-star Yukari Oshima and she even goes topless! Although the camera stars on her face, rather than expose her chest, but it only leads to this past story and explaining her hate for Waise Lee.

The final fights involve Mitch sparring with Waise Lee and Cynthia Khan around the setting of a burning building. Chin Kar-Lok and Moon Lee also have a Kung Fu throw-down with Yukari Oshima, hell even Chin Kar-Lok takes a couple rolls through the fire as well as some of the ladies, well their stunt doubles I think.

The final, final fight involve all four ladies fighting for the painting. As you can expect from all this action there is certainly a couple bloody endings for the good and the bad.

The only guest appearance that stands out in this movie is Lee Siu-Kei at the cinema, beating a woman. Well it aint that bad, it’s his sister and she wanted to fight Moon Lee, she deserves it!

Final thought? Average flick, good action and a whole lot of eye candy! Enjoy!

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